The Walking Dead Fans Want Carol and Negan Relationship

The Walking Dead paired an unlikely duo as a means to take down Alpha when Carol was revealed as [...]

The Walking Dead paired an unlikely duo as a means to take down Alpha when Carol was revealed as the character responsible for breaking Negan out of jail. In the time since, they have developed a bit of a rivalry, despite Negan carrying out his mission of killing the leader of the Whisperers. However, fans of the show have now gotten online to suggest that Carol and Negan would be a power couple, with one post gaining thousands of likes as the debate ensued. As Carol actress Melissa McBride and Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan are close friends on set, a photo of the two embracing was to fuel the argument. It is complete fiction, at this point, as there has been not any slight indication of Carol and Negan being romantically interested in each other.

"Carol and Negan would be a powerful couple," is the subject of a Reddit thread which has earned more than 1,300 upvotes on the platform. There isn't a proper scale to measure standard numbers of upvotes but the best way to put that into perspective is by simply pointing that is a lot of votes and most posts on the forum do not come close.

The comment section is where the arguments are ensuing. "I feel like Negan could never have a true romantic relationship," one user said. "Yes, he had his wives, but I think his affection is reserved for Lucille."

Others chimed in, pointing out that they don't see these two together. "I don't really see them as a couple, but that would be a hell of an amazing friendship," a user wrote. "I kinda wish the show runners would explore this relationship a bit more, not just leave them with no more interactions. These two are such complex characters and, if you think about it, quite similar to each other. Would love to see more of them together, mainly because they've always been my favourite characters, too!"

There is plenty of debate to be had but some support the notion. "I'm still holding on for Carol+Daryl but I would welcome Carol+Negan with open arms," a Reddit user said.

McBride recently opened up about Carol's thoughts of Negan in an interview with "I think she certainly knows and has heard stories, and he's a legend, but in a way of a bit of a mythical character because she wasn't there," McBride said. "It's the first time we've ever seen them together and the first time they've seen one another, I believe. So there is that separation factor and knowing what he could quite possibly be capable of, and he also has the most to gain if she's looking for a cohort, a cohort to help her catch or kill the Alpha."

Is Carol and Negan going to happen? No, probably not, but their platonic relationship will be interesting to follow regardless. Carol has time after time that she is strong on her own. Should she decide to take on a romantic relationship, which character do you think she would choose? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

The Walking Dead Season 10 finale airs Sunday at 9pm ET on AMC.