’The Walking Dead’ Star: Negan and Lucille Could Take Alpha and the Whisperers

A changed Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) reunited with baseball bat Lucille "could take" Alpha (Samantha Morton) and the Whisperers, argues Walking Dead star Cailey Fleming.

"I think he has changed," the 12-year-old Judith Grimes actress said at Walker Stalker Con London. "I think his relationship with Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Judith has changed him as a person. I think he changed because of us. I think he did change. I don't know, the Whisperers, they're real tough. But if he got Lucille, I think he could take them. I think he could."

Riggs believes Carl would have had "a pretty similar relationship" with Negan had he survived beyond Season Eight.

"Basically, really just how he felt towards Negan in Season Seven and Season Eight, I think they had a unique relationship," Riggs said. "Carl really did want to kill him for a while and then he kind of realized people can change, people can become better. And I think if Carl was to be in a similar situation as Judith, I think they both kind of would be 'friends' with Negan."

The ousted Savior leader was imprisoned by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and served a near eight-year solitary prison term, but was last shown recuperating without restraints in the Alexandria infirmary after risking his life to save Judith and Dog amid a ferocious blizzard.

Though The Walking Dead Season Ten is set to explore Negan's growing redemption, showrunner Angela Kang promises the former villain won't lose his edge.

"I think Negan just, he legitimately is fond of Judith. Just as he respected Carl, she's spunky, and she's funny, and she's really smart, and she's really tough," Kang said on Talking Dead.

"And Negan had a background working with children before the apocalypse and so this is somebody that he legitimately has a friendship with and cares about. That said, Negan is Negan, as we've seen in the episode, he still has that part of him that likes to needle people, he's always gonna have an edge, he's never like a pure hero. In the episode you see that there's been a little bit of change though when he's locked up in that infirmary after [Rick had slashed his throat], that was one thing, and here he's there. But if you'll notice, he doesn't have handcuffs on. And so that says a little bit about the change that's happened in the community's impression of him as a result of that."

Fleming and Morgan next return in The Walking Dead Season Ten, coming this fall on AMC.



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