The Walking Dead Brings Back Key Season 7 Character

The Walking Dead is bringing back a key character who was introduced in Season 7 but went missing after the first few episodes of Season 9. Oceanside's Cyndie, portrayed by Sydney Park, will be back on the AMC series in Season 10. The actress can be seen in a photo from Season 10, squadding up with some of the survivors for lwhat looks like a big fight.

Cyndie got her revenge against the Saviors in Episode 9x03 and was never heard from again after Maggie and Daryl allowed her to execute Arat. Park shared the photo of her return on Instagram, standing beside co-stars Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus, and others.

Check out the photo from Season 10 of The Walking Dead on Park's Instagram below!

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Walking Dead Season 10 biiiiitccchhhesss ⚡️👽 @amcthewalkingdead #TWDFamily

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"Even though we are kind of avenging the deaths of our loved ones, at the same time, it won't bring them back," Park told's After the Dead following Episode 9x03. "I feel like the Oceansiders will feel at peace and kind of move on with their lives and have a weight lifted from their shoulders, but there still is that lingering thing like they'll never be the same."

Since that time, a significant time jump has taken place, and Cyndie is now more than 6 years wiser.

"Truthfully, I really don't know. I hope so," Park said when asked if she will be returning -- during the After the Dead interview from October of 2018. "I love being a part of the show, and I feel like there is so much more story to tell, not only with my character and my tribe, but with everyone else."

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The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season on October 6.