The Walking Dead: Does Rick Have More Guns That Negan Doesn't Know About?

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead season seven!

A lot happened during Negan's visit to Alexandria in episode four of The Walking Dead this season, but there's one detail many seem to have missed.

While fans were busy counting Daryl's blinks, trying to figure out if he was sending Rick a message, the mystery of Rick's gun inventory seemed to go unnoticed.

If you recall, Olivia's count of the guns came up two short when the Saviors raided the armory, but both firearms were later found in Spencer's house. Everything adds up, right?

Not quite.

First, there are the guns Rosita and Spencer were carrying. Before they left to find Daryl's motorcylce, Dwight took every weapon they had. If you paid attention, you probably noticed he slid these into his personal bag, not into the truck with the other weapons. Many viewers thought these were the two guns that Negan was looking for, and Dwight was going to cause Olivia her life.

This wasn't the case, as these guns apparently weren't part of the count. Nontheless, those are a couple that weren't registered in the armory. The same goes for Michonne's rifle that Rick had her hand over.

(Photo: AMC)

In this past episode, two more weapons from Alexandria were seen. Tara and Heath were both carrying pistols, but Negan didn't ask mention those. If they were only gone for two weeks, wouldn't those weapons have shown up in the count?

Rick may be terrified of Negan, but he isn't stupid. There are other guns floating around that he has purposefully left out. Just as he did in the comics, the leader is keeping this a secret, even from his most trusted friends.

When the time comes, look for Rick to have a gun hidden somewhere convenient. The guy may be broken, but he's still playing his cards right.



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