'The Walking Dead' Fans Spot Major Detail, Possibly Condemning Dwight

In Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, Eugene Porter stood firmly with Negan and, in a new detail spotted by fans, may have found a way to truly condemn Dwight.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 8x07 follow!

In the Time For After episode, Eugene devised a plan to move the walker herd away from the Sanctuary using a glider, an iPod, and a boombox speaker. Moving the herd, however, would be a against Rick's plan, which Dwight is a part of. Dwight emerged on the rooftop to stop Eugene's efforts and may have been recorded without his knowledge.

"Don't turn around," Dwight started as Eugene was holding his tape recorder, which was being used to document his plan. "Negan will kill Rick and Daryl and Rosita and all your old friends," he adds. "I'm working with them to keep them and the people here alive! We can get rid of Negan. Just Negan! And we're almost there!"

If all of this were to have been recorded on Eugene's tape, the traitor to Alexandria need only play it for his villainous leader to condemn Dwight. Furthermore, Eugene appears to be quite unstable following the walker herd's invasion of the Sanctuary. Should he leave the tape laying around, Negan or another Savior might find it, press play out of curiosity, and hear Dwight condemn himself by saying, "I'm working with them..."

Check out some images of the moment in the tweet below...

In The Walking Dead comics, Eugene ultimately decides to flee the Sanctuary with Doctor Carson, Mark, and Mark's wife. They head straight to the Hilltop, which is exactly what Father Gabriel has requested. Although Eugene has shown no signs of being interested in such a path on the TV series, should he choose to evacuate the Sanctuary, the tape recorder may well be left behind for Negan to discover and out Dwight as a traitor.


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