The Walking Dead: Go Getters Recap With Spoilers

The following is a recap of The Walking Dead 7x05 - 'Go Getters'.Maggie blinks her eyes and slowly [...]

The following is a recap of The Walking Dead 7x05 - 'Go Getters'.

Maggie blinks her eyes and slowly wakes up. Doctor Carson stands over her and says she's been having a problem with the baby and she's at Hilltop. Maggie asks if she lost the baby, and the doctor says no, the baby's heart rate is normal. He takes a second listen of her stomach to confirm. He tells Maggie she needs to rest, and stay at Hilltop for her entire pregnancy so he can watch over her.

Maggie sits up and asks him to repeat everything.

Maggie walks outside and sees Sasha. She asks where Glenn and Abraham are buried and Sasha takes her to the graves. Sasha hands Maggie the pocketwatch from Glenn's pocket. Both women start to cry. Maggie kisses the watch and lays it on his grave.

Sasha says it feels like everything is wrong, and Maggie says, "Not Everything." Sasha confirms that Maggie will be alright, and Maggie lets her know that she has to stay. Sasha agrees that they will both stay, together.

Jesus approaches with flowers for both graves. He says green flowers symbolize release.

Gregory approaches and asks about the Saviors. She tells him how many there are. He gets her name wrong and says she needs to leave and go back to Alexandria. He says they don't bury the dead, they burn them. Jesus tries to reason with him, but Gregory fires back.

He says that Rick's people were supposed to keep them safe, but Rick has only brought more harm. Gregory now denies any involvement with Rick, plausible liability. Gregory says they can stay the night, but must leave in the morning. Jesus says he'll take them back and that it's settled. He walks away without hearing any more.


Carl is throwing darts, and Rick says he should come with them. Michonne and Aaron are also in the room, Carl and Michonne won't be going. Michonne wishes him luck, and kisses him as he leaves.

Downstairs, Carl asks why Michonnes didn't go with Rick, and she says she has some things to figure out. Both agree that Rick is wrong in how he's handling things, but Michonne has to be sure. She leaves out the back door.

Carl looks out the front window and takes off.

Outside, Enid is trying to escape to go see Maggie. As they talk, Carl says he's not saving her anymore. Enid calls him out for locking her in the closet, and Carl says he won't talk about that night. He's not sorry he had to see it, though. Enid makes it over the wall and Carl walks away.

Back at Hilltop, Jesus helps Sasha settle into her room. He says he will try and convince Gregory to let them stay. Sasha says he should be the leader, and that she will trade her talents for Maggie to be safe. She asks Jesus what he wants this place to be.

He says he just wants to help, but she says he has to do more than that. Jesus takes Abraham's gift from Rosita out of his pocket and gives it to Sasha. The two share a moment remembering Abe.

Maggie enters the room, and Jesus apologizes for Gregory again. She asks why they burn the dead.

Jesus says it's so they can keep going, but Maggie thinks they should be remembered. Sasha says they're going to stay because he's an idiot. Maggie says he's a coward, and that's more dangerous. They're going to sleep on it.

Enid is riding a bike on an empty road, and she stops when she sees blood in front of her. A walker appears but a car hits it. The walker gets up and the car backs over it. Carl rolls down the window.

Enid asks what Carl is doing, and he says he "Felt like a drive."

At night, Maggie and Sasha wake up. There's music playing outside, next to multiple fires. The music is coming from a car. Sasha is going to go outside and stop it. When she gets to the roof of her trailer, she sees many walkers coming in the gates.


Maggie gets on top of the trailer and calls for Jesus and the others. She directs the men from her spot on top of the trailer. Jesus starts fighting walkers hand-to-hand. Sasha tries to get in the car, but it;s locked and barred. Gregory stares out the window of the house. Jesus helps Sasha.

Maggie appears driving a giant tractor, and runs over a large number of the walkers. She continues as the others fight, and she runs over the car, crushing it to stop the music. Sasha and Jesus kill the rest.

Carl and Enid are walking on the road, and they're talking about why he wanted to kill Negan. Carl wants to remember what happened that night so if he ever gets the chance to stop Negan, he will be forced to remember. Carl apologizes for locking her in the armory, and Enid says she's worried about Maggie.

Back at Hilltop, Gregory insists that Maggie and Sasha are leaving. He says Jesus isn't in charge, and these are his decisions. He says Jesus can take over, but he has to stay for more than five minutes at a time.

Sasha and Maggie enter, and Gregory insists both women must go, even when Sasha offers to go in her place. Gregory makes a pass at the women, and Maggie calls him out for it. More Saviors arrive, and Gregory forces Maggie and Sasha to stay in the closet so they aren't seen.

Carl and Enid are walking, but she is ahead of him. She begins to cry but he can't see. Carl finds rollerblades in a backpack on the side of the road, and they begin to ride them. They begin to hold hands as they continue.

Gregory opens the door for Simon and the other Saviors at Hilltop. He tells them to make themselves at home, and Simon says it isn't a social call. He tells Gregory they should talk in private. Simon tells Gregory that the people he used to deal with are out of play, and takes him into the study.

Simon and Gregory are staring at a painting. Gregory said the message last night was recieved loud and clear, and Simon questions him. He says it was management by example, and Gregory agrees. Simon says they worked their asses off last night to provide him with an example.

Simon says people in Hilltop probably forget what the walkers look and smell like, and they were going to clean up the mess so they could show the service they provide. Gregory says they probably learned it all from the Saviors in the first place.

Simon hints that people got butchered, but the people that killed them work for Negan now. Gregory tells Simon to tell Negan that he understands how to cross the aisle. Simon says there's no need, and that he is Hilltop's Negan now. The two come to an understanding.

Simon asks if there's anything else he should be made aware of, and Gregory stays silent. He says that there actually is something.

The men leave the study, and Gregory leades Simon to the closest where Maggie and Sasha were. Jesus watched as Gregory opens the door to reveal bottles of classic scotch. Simon notes that he hates scotch, prefers gin. He says Negan will love it but it's gonna be from himself, not Gregory. Jesus smiles as Gregory is embarrassed by Simon.

The Saviors are going to go through the entire house and take half. He also notes that he will take the painting. Simon asks Gregory to kneel before they continue, and Gregory instantly obliges. Simon tells him it's a solid kneel, and pats his head like a child. Jesus is disgusted with his "leader".

Carl and Enid are walking out of the woods and see the Saviors loading up the trucks. Enid says Carl wasn't coming to save her, that he was actually going to catch Negan and the Saviors. He asks Enid to come with him. She doesn't want to because Carl's revenge is selfish, not for the ones who died. She asks how he will get away if he kills Negan, and she cares if he lives of dies. She pleads for him to stay with her after the two kiss. She says he shouldn't go, but she can't stop him.

Enid leaves to go into Hilltop.

In Gregory's room, Sasha and Maggie walk out of the closet. Gregory says they have to leave, and that Jesus tricked him. Jesus puts his foot down and says the women are staying, and he will knock Gregory out of power if they don't. Gregory says the Saviors can be quite reasonable, and Maggie punches him in the face. Maggie says this is her home now, and she says Gregory will call her by her real name, Maggie Rhee.

Jesus looks out the window with Maggie and Sasha and they talk about how Gregory came to power. He says someone else will take over, but he tells Maggie they'll talk about it again. After Maggie leaves, Sasha asks if Jesus can find out where Negan lives. He says he can, but Sasha insists it has to stay between them. Maggie can't know.

Out at Glenn's grave, Maggie finds Enid and she has tied the balloons to his grave. Enid asks if Maggie is okay. She says "No, but I will be."

Inside, Maggie is telling Enid about the walkers they killed last night. She says there was a boy from high school whose car she ran over with a tractor. Sasha enters, and Enid says she came by herself. Enid put the balloons on the wrong grave. Maggie gives the watch to Enid, and tells Sasha that they have each other to remember the men by. The three hold hands and pray over the dinner before them.

As they pray, the Saviors are loading boxes into their trucks. As they roll their convoy out, the members of Hilltop close the gate. Sasha is sharpening a knife with Abraham's cigar in her mouth.

Jesus jumps into one of the trucks, and Carl is already in there waiting for him.