'The Walking Dead' Fan Creates Much Better Morales Story

Morales' return on The Walking Dead could have had a much greater payoff if a fan of the series' [...]

Morales' return on The Walking Dead could have had a much greater payoff if a fan of the series' had his way.

With the Season One character popping in for what turned out to be little more than a shocking cameo, many were left feeling unsatisfied with his return. It read like a stunt to invigorate the fandom who was left wondering where he was since leaving in the penultimate episode of the first season. Of course, when he came back, he was working for Negan and Daryl was quick to put an arrow in his head when Morales got the drop on Rick.

However, a similar story having Morales as a member of the Saviors could have made Season Eight quite more complex with the shocking Season One return seeing a much greater payoff.

"If Negan had sent him to Alexandria during the [All Out War] arc, made it look like he randomly came across the place looking for a place to live," Reddit user MasterOfNoMercy wrote. "Rick, Daryl, Carol, and Carl all knew him and would accept him. There, he could be a mole for the Saviors, feeding them intel.

"That way, he could've been kept on the show for several episodes in AOW or even longer, rather than five f---ing minutes. Not clue the audience in either, so when the inevitable betrayal happened, it'd be a huge plot twist - much better than we got with the Trash People turning traitor, which many of us suspected all along.

"Keep in mind Morales knew of Rick's group killing the people in their sleep at the satellite outpost and knew Rick was still alive - he called Rick a 'monster' for it."

After all, the episode in which Morales returned was titled, "Monsters."

Such a story would have provided a pair of shocking reveals. Not only would fans have been shocked to see Juan G. Pareja return to the AMC show in the first place but the reveal of his betrayal to Rick would have emphasized everything the show tries to drive home. The human condition is constantly being explored in regards to what is right and wrong and how far people will go to survive. Morales could have truly been an example of people changing due to the apocalyptic standards but, instead, got an arrow through his head before he could have much of an impact.

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