'The Walking Dead': Enid Wants Negan to Suffer

Enid can be added to the list of The Walking Dead characters who want Negan to suffer.With the AMC [...]

Enid can be added to the list of The Walking Dead characters who want Negan to suffer.

With the AMC show's most popular villain having busted out of jail in the Mid-Season Nine finale, Katelyn Nacon says her character would much rather see the character in jail or dead than his current situation of roaming freely. "No, she's not going to be happy with that," Nacon told INSIDER. "She rather him be dead than be out of the jail."

Enid, like many other survivors on the show, has plenty of reason not to like Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character. She has witnessed several of the villain's horrific atrocities and suffered tremendous losses thanks to his actions.

"She definitely doesn't like Negan," Nacon said. "We saw her talk to Carl about Negan a while back when they had their kiss moment, or whatever, she told him, she was like, 'If you're going to kill Negan, you're not doing this for Glenn or Abraham or any of them. You're doing this for yourself.'" Clearly, Enid's mind has been made up for quite some time.

"If she was between Rick and Maggie and their decision [to kill or keep Negan alive], I think she would be more on Rick's side, even though she is really close to Maggie," Nacon admits. "And she [Enid] doesn't like Negan because he killed Glenn, who was pretty much her father figure. I think she does agree moreso of [the idea that] he should spend his life rotting in jail and live that miserable life and understand what it was like and what he put all of his people through."

Enid has been a part of The Walking Dead since its sixth season. Having lost her parents, she became a member of the Alexandria community with no sense of belonging. Since then, she became an all but adopted member of Maggie and Glenn's family. Of course, Negan came along and slaughter the new father figure in her life, prompting Enid to fully embrace Maggie and her Hilltop family. Her journey will continue, including a new relationship with Alden, in the back half of The Walking Dead's ninth season. Whether or not she will cross paths with Negan remains to be seen.

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