The Walking Dead Paid Tribute To Night Of The Comet

Directors have been known to hide nods to their biggest influences all throughout their work. It's a long-standing tradition that filmmakers use to shout out those who made them excited for the job. Greg Nicotero, director of The Walking Dead, is no exception.

This Easter Egg was small, and many of us probably missed it. In fact, had Greg Nicotero not posted the picture on his Instagram account, we may have never noticed it at all. In this past week's episode 'The Well', Nicotero paid homage to the cult classic zombie film, Night Of The Comet.

Night of The Comet was released in 1984, and was written and directed by Thom Eberhardt. The film follows a couple of Valley girls who must navigate their way through a post apocalyptic Earth. After a comet wipes out much of the population, the girls have to fight the zombie/alien creatures that were left behind.

Since its release, Night Of The Comet has become a beloved entry to the zombie genre. Fans adore the campy 80s style, and many filmmakers have modeled their zombies after those in the film.

The most memorable zombie, played by Alex Brown, remains one of the more recognizable stills from the film. It was this monster that Nicotero chose to copy.


In his Instagram post, the director specifically states that this was meant to be the alley monster from the film. When you take a look at the original, he seems to have done a bang-up job.

The next episode of The Walking Dead it titled 'The Cell' and it will air on Sunday, November 6 at 9pm ET on AMC.