The Walking Dead: Josh McDermitt on Rosita's Love Quadrangle

Heading into the tenth season of The Walking Dead, there is a bit of a love quadrangle brewing in the Alexandria community. Rosita finds herself being the love interest of Father Gabriel, Eugene, and Siddiq -- all at the same time. Meanwhile, she (along with those three men) is trying to raise her infant baby in the post-apocalyptic setting. Each of those three mean play their part in the raising of Coco and in Rosita's life, though they may have different views of it. For example, Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam says: "Eugene does his stats and analytics. Siddiq does his feedings. Father Gabriel does Rosita." Eugene actor Josh McDermitt had a similar joking approach to what's going on in that trio of fathers.

"It's fun getting to work with Seth," McDermitt told at New York Comic Con. "I got to work with Seth at the Sanctuary a bit and then now I get to work with him again. It's fun to work with Avi Nash. Obviously I've worked with Christian [Serratos] since I started on the show and it's like there's a good rapport between all of us, we like to just have fun and laugh, even though we're laughing within the scene we're definitely laughing at Avi when we're not shooting, he's an easy target."

"He's low-hanging fruit," Gilliam interjected.

"He's like our little brother and he's like, 'Guys, stop making fun of me!'" McDermitt added. "And it's like, 'Sorry, man, we have to.' But, yeah, it's fun, it certainly makes the long, hot days of shooting in Georgia go by a lot quicker."

As for Eugene's story throughout Season 10, a certain satellite which fell from the sky will be keeping him busy moving forward. "I think that he's trying to bring the communities together," McDermitt said of Eugene. "I mean, there's a great distance between, and I don't know specifically just because I don't think they necessarily wanna put a number on it, but I'm like, how far is Oceanside from Alexandria? How far was the Sanctuary? How far were these places, you know? And they kinda give us a general idea but they're not like specifically, it's X amount of miles, because then that's when fans are like, 'Here's why you're wrong'" and it's like, okay, it's a zombie show, guys!"


Which of the three men in the love quadrangle should be helping out with Rosita and her baby? Do any of them deserve too end up with her romantically? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram and Twitter!

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.