The Walking Dead: Where Are Rick And Michonne Going?

WARNING: Major Spoilers Ahead For The Walking Dead Season Seven!Even though most of tonight's [...]

WARNING: Major Spoilers Ahead For The Walking Dead Season Seven!

Even though most of tonight's episode of The Walking Dead is spent at Hilltop, fans were given a tease of life over in Alexandria. As the show began, Rick and Aaron set off on a trip, while Carl and Michonne elected not to go. Just after Rick leaves, Michonne tells Carl that she's leaving too. She needs to find answers, and figure out how to help Rick.

This leaves one big question in the minds of fans - Where are they going?!

Neither one of the characters laid out a plan for what they're doing next, and that was surely intentional on the part of the writers. If it's left up to speculation, we have a couple of ideas.

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Where's Rick Going?

Rick and Aaron are off on their own, no one but the two friends tagging along. Aaron knows the area surrounding Alexandria better than anyone, so that's why he's with Rick. At this point, Aaron is probably the only sound adivisor Rick has left, save for Michonne.

The first option here is that the two are out looking for supplies. Negan is coming back soon, and the city needs to be stocked when he arrives. Since Rick feels like most of this is his fault, he is putting it on himself to get more supplies.

This theory makes sense, but doesn't explain all of the secrecy.

The second idea, and what is much more likely, is that Rick and Aaron are going to find help. Aaron knows other communities are out there, and he's probably aware of Ezekiel's situation over at The Kingdom. In the comics, Jesus led Rick to The King. Aaron acting as that liason is a perfect fit for his character on the show.

If this theory plays out, Rick could be on the verge of meeting Ezekiel, and reuniting with Morgan and Carol. That spells trouble for Negan and The Saviors.

The secrecy of this idea also pulls from the comics, as Rick kept his battle against Negan a secret to everyone, even Andrea. If he is pulling power to start a war, he's being wise by not telling the people of Alexandria. He trusts Aaron, and that's enough.

Some think that Rick is going after Daryl, but that's unlikely. If you subscribe to the Morse Code Theory, which has been debunked, that Daryl told Rick he was East of Alexandria. Rick told Michonne he's headed North.

Where' Michonne Going?

Michonne's case is a much bigger mystery. She tells Carl that she needs to figure out if Rick is making the right calls or not. She's trying to understand why Rick is bending over backward for Negan.

Most likely, Michonne is following Rick. She will keep a safe distance, but she wants to know if there are any tricks up his sleeve. If there aren't, she may not want to come back to bed.

Another theory, that's also likely, is that Michonne is heading to find The Sanctuary. She wants to know what kind of evil they are dealing with, so she knows whether Rick is right or not. If this is the case, expect Michonne to spend some time scouting her enemies - if she ever finds her way there.

Where do you think the heroes are going? Let us know in the comments below!


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