The Walking Dead: Will Carol And Ezekiel Get It On In Season 7?

Last week, we talked about the implications of Andrea's death back in season three of The Walking Dead. Since she isn't around on the show anymore, like she is in the comics, other characters will have to adjust their arcs to fit her absence.

Ezekiel and Carol are two such characters, and there's a great chance they will develop a strong relationship because of it.

Michonne is now in love with Rick, we've seen that grow over this past season. Their relationship was completely absent from the comic series, because it was actually Andrea who fell in love with Rick in Alexandria, not Michonne. Instead, Michonne had multiple love stories, each ending in the character's death.

First, it was Tyreese.

After meeting in the prison, the two quickly hit it off. They dated each other for a long time in the books, but it all came crashing down when The Governor used Michonne's sword to kill Tyreese.

Next, she fell for Morgan.

After he joined the group, Michonne became to use him to get over the loss of Tyreese. After some time sleeping together, and pretending it wasn't real, the two finally started to feel for each other. As soon as things were picking up, Morgan was killed during the attack on Alexandria.

At this point, Michonne's psyche was extremely damaged, and she was starting to lose her mind. This is when she first meets Ezekiel.


If you haven't read the comics, you may not be familiar with Ezekiel, but he will be a major character on the show going forward. In the season seven trailers, he's the guy with the white dreads and pet tiger, sitting on a throne.

Ezekiel runs a community called The Kingdom, and everyone who lives there refers to him as their king. Just like in the times of Arthur and his knights, Ezekiel runs his colony with power and tradition. He has banquets, tournaments, and he has even got his people speaking the part. It's all a show, but the people respond to it.

When Michonne arrives, she is over all of the bull that this world has brought on. She takes one look at Ezekiel's theatrics, and sees right through. She immediately calls him out, and he is fascinated with her rebellious nature.

Ezekiel spends a lot of time getting Michonne to warm up to him, and she eventually gives in. The two end up together, forming an extremely interesting relationship.

The cynic and the show-man make a wonderful pair, and the show certainly won't skip that dynamic.

Michonne can't be with Ezekiel, because she has taken Andrea's place beside Rick. When you think about who else from Rick's group could take on this story arc, only Carol comes to mind.


At the end of season six, Carol takes a deep dive out of sanity. She is broken, distraught, and looking to find an end to her life. Morgan saves her, and the two are rescued by knights from The Kingdom.

Carol will meet Ezekiel in the same place as Michonne; damaged, lost, and a little bit crazy.

In addition to her fragile state of mind, Carol just doensn't have a tolerance for games or theatrics. She's pretty straight forward at this point, and will have no problem telling Ezekiel to shove it.

When our own Walking Dead Insider, Brandon Davis, spoke with Melissa McBride, who portrays Carol, she explained her character's feelings on love in season seven. What she describes perfectly sums up where Michonne was when meeting Ezekiel for the first time. Take a look:

"As the world is expanding, it's still closing in at the same time in a very weird way, but who knows. I think she's just got to get her mind right before she can even entertain any sort of relationship. I think it's just difficult for her to have a relationship of any kind. Where we left off, if you care for somebody, you're going to have to kill for them, and again, she's just not sure she's in that place."

To top it all off, the couple seems like a fit for Carol's overall arc.


She is older than her comic-counterpart, so her age matches well with Ezekiel's. On top of that, her character has been gone from the comics since the prison. They've created an excellent character for Carol on the show, and giving her a love interest, after her husband was so abusive, would be a full-circle story for her.

This is all just speculation, but the stars have certainly aligned for this relationship. All that wishing we did for Carol and Daryll to get together, and a better suitor was waiting in the wings this whole time.