'The Walking Dead' Star on "Creepy" And "Amazing" Story For "X" Marks

The Walking Dead introduced a lingering mystery in the time since Rick Grimes left Alexandria [...]

The Walking Dead introduced a lingering mystery in the time since Rick Grimes left Alexandria behind: "X" marks in scar form on Michonne and Daryl.

Speculation and theories regarding how the two characters came to have these bizarre marks on their bodies have been rampant across internet comment sections since their debut. However, the details of the "X" marks' origin stories have been kept entirely under wraps with Sunday's Episode 9x14 set to pull the curtain back. If King Ezekiel actor Khary Payton's tease is any indication, these "X" marks are going to be quite a moment for The Walking Dead.

"That is so creepy and amazing and awesome and I'm excited for everybody to see the journey that got both Daryl and Michonne to the place where they are. Trusting and untrusting. Why they made the decisions that they've made," Payton told Insider. "As far as anything else, I am pumped, I'm so excited for you to see more but I won't tell you why, you just won't hear it from me. I am not that guy."

Episode 9x14 is set to bring characters back in time to reveal aspects of their lives in the six years which passed between Rick flying off in a helicopter and grown Judith discovering Magna's group in the woods.

Payton is always leaning toward the side of caution when it comes to talking about The Walking Dead. "If my boss Nicotero wants to tell you something, then you can hit him up," the actor joked, adding a sentiment about audience reactions to the "X" marks: "You can never be comfortable on this show."

While the "X" marks aren't going to result in casualties of survivors from Hilltop, Kingdom, and Alexandria given their creation in the past, Payton does warn the audience that death is certainly on the horizon. "Yeah, you should be," Payton said in regards to the low body count in the back half of Season Nine. "I think extreme concern is a nice spot to be living in."

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