Family Guy Debuts Peter's Fight With President Trump at New York Comic Con 2018

Family Guy gave fans a very early peek at one of this season's most climactic moments on Saturday, when they showed Peter Griffin's fight with the president at New York Comic Con.

The animated series has a penchant for pushing the envelope, though it tends to be unspecific, particularly in recent years. However, all summer the producers have been teasing an appearance by the controversial president, and last week they confirmed that the Griffin patriarch will have to fight him. On Saturday, producers gave fans in New York a sneak peek of the extra-long episode, which won't air until January.

Warning! Spoilers for an upcoming episode of Family Guy are ahead!

The crowd at Comic Con went wild for the advance preview. Peter and the president launched into a fist fight the likes of which are usually reserved for the giant chicken -- who, of course, made a cameo. Their fight took them all over the Washington, D.C. area, and included apperances by some of today's most controversial political figures, including Mitch McConnell and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The jokes ranged from predictably to jaw-dropping. The show's rendering of the president included thick orange face paint and tiny hands. Whenever Peter hit the president's face, the orange dust puffed off as though it had come straight off of a Cheeto. As for the president's Secret Service guards, they all stood idly by during the fight, either eating popcorn or staring disinterested at their phones.

The fight finally came to a close when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stepped in to save Peter and the president from mutually assured death. It ended with a few major jokes at Canada's expense, as Peter and President Trump agreed that they had both gotten some good hits in.


As the producers went on to discuss in their panel, the show typically does not tackle politics in such a direct way. They attributed this mostly to their long production calendar, saying that it takes "about a year" to go from breaking a story to airing an episode. However, voice actor Mike Henry, who plays Cleveland Brown, voiced concern about alienating fans, noting that people "on both sides" of the political spectrum like Family Guy.

Family Guy returned to the air last week for its 17th season. The episode featuring President Trump is not due to air until January. In the meantime, other upcoming story lines include Quagmire finding a long-lost daughter -- voiced by Mandy Moore -- and Herbert developing an affection for Peter. The shows airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.