'Ducktales': Jack McBrayer Debuts in Exclusive Christmas Episode Clip

Disney Channel and DuckTales are going big for this year's Christmas episode, paying homage to the beloved movie, Mickey's Christmas Carol. In the new episode, which airs on December 1st, Scrooge McDuck is once again visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, each voiced by an exciting new cast member.

ComicBook.com can exclusively reveal a clip from the new episode, which features the debut of Jack McBrayer (Wreck-It Ralph, 30 Rock) as the fun-loving voice of the Ghost of Christmas Past. You can watch the full clip in the video above!

As many Disney fans already know, Scrooge has long been against the spirit of Christmas. However, in this new episode, we learn that is actually a bit of a lie. Scrooge loves Christmas. It's just Santa Claus that he has an issue with. All of the negativity in the past was merely an act.

The episode, titled "Last Christmas," will be a much more light-hearted take on the Christmas Carol story that we're all used to. Disney Channel has already revealed the official description for the episode:

"In a nod to Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Scrooge avoids the pressures of the holidays by traveling back in time with a trio of fun-loving ghosts to crash history’s greatest Christmas parties instead. Meanwhile, time-lost Dewey teams up with young Donald Duck to find his mom on Christmas. Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) guest stars as fun-loving ghost Past."

The addition of McBrayer couldn't come at a better time for those who love Disney animation, as the actor is going to be reprising his role as Fix-It Felix in the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet, which hits theaters on Thanksgiving. At this time, Disney Channel has yet to reveal which actors are voicing the other two ghosts in the episode.


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DuckTales "Last Christmas" is set to air on December 1st at 7:30 am ET on Disney Channel.