NOS4A2 Not Returning for Season 3 at AMC

NOS4A2 will not be returning for a third season on AMC, executive producer and showrunner Jami O'Brien confirmed on Monday. Based on Joe Hill's best-selling novel, about Victoria "Vic" McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings), a Strong Creative who wields power to track immortal kidnapper Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto), the supernatural horror series premiered on the network in June 2019. A second season of the vampire story — taking place eight years later as Manx seeks revenge against Vic and her son, Bruce Wayne McQueen (Jason David) — concluded on August 23.

"I heard from AMC last week. We won't be making a 3rd season of #NOS4A2," O'Brien tweeted Monday. "It's a bummer, but I'm grateful we were at least able to finish adapting the storyline from Joe Hill's terrific novel."

Praising the show's cast and crew for "two seasons of weird and wonderful TV," O'Brien continued, "I will miss seeing everyone back in Little Rhody this year, but I'm awfully proud of all we've done together."

In a tweet directed at Hill, also an executive producer on the series, O'Brien wrote, "Thank you to @joe_hill for all your generosity, imagination, and support, and for trusting us with Vic and Charlie, Maggie, Bing, Linda, Chris, Lou, Tabitha, Wayne, Millie, and all your flawed, complicated, and beautiful characters…"

"And THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to everyone who tuned in — especially to those who tweeted along with us each week — you made Sunday nights a lot of fun," O'Brien added in a final tweet. "Hope to do it again with you all somewhere down the road... xoxoxo."

Earlier this month, Hill revealed plans for a novel prequel story centered on Margaret "Maggie" Leigh, the character played on the television series by Jahkara J. Smith.

"Before there was ever a TV show, I planned to tell another story about Maggie Leigh called 'The Crooked Alley,' which takes place before the events in NOS4A2. It would be interesting to write now because my view of the character has been radically changed by Jahkara Smith," Hill told "I so love Jahkara's performance as Maggie that I feel like it's more interesting than the version in the book."


Hill continued, "So, in terms of the work on paper, I think there might be room to revisit that world and these characters at some point in some fashion. But I also think AMC could do the same if they want and if there's an audience appetite for it. That was part of the point of spending time in Parnassus in Season Two to meet Old Snake and The Hourglass."

Episodes of NOS4A2 are available to stream on the AMC website.