Agents of SHIELD: Over 500 Props and Costume Are Going Up for Auction

After seven excellent years, Agents of SHIELD is airing its two-part series finale next week. For fans of the show with extra spending money, some exciting news broke this week. Prop Store and Marvel will soon be auctioning off over 500 props and costumes from the show's run. The items will be available to bid on starting November, and the list of memorabilia is pretty vast. The costume options include a Quake suit, Ghost Rider outfit, May's Hydra costume, and much more. Props up for sale range from Mack's iconic shotgun axe to Coulson's light-up SHIELD badge. Of course, these items are expected to go for a hefty price, many ranging between $8,000 and $15,000. You can read an official description of the auction below:

"Over 500 lots will be offered in this live auction, which takes place this November. Fans can register now to bid in the auction and to get updates at A preview gallery featuring auction highlights is now available at Additional preview galleries focused on each of the seven seasons will be made available every Friday starting August 14th. Lots offered will span across each season, including items from many of the characters who originated from the series and others who make appearances from the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe or the pages of Marvel Comics."

They added, "Each item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Prop Store and Marvel Entertainment EVP and Creative Director, Joe Quesada." You can register for the auction here. If the auction items aren't in your price range, Prop Store is also giving away a couple of item to folks who register:

"Prop Store is offering a free chance to win a production used Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 'C.A.S.T.' chairback or one of four S.H.I.E.L.D. or Hydra production made patches to five winners who register for the auction."

This isn't the only Marvel-related auction to be announced recently. Comic Connect is also auctioning off some big items from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the DC Extended Universe and the X-Men films. Items include Cap's helmet, Thor's hammer, Wonder Woman's lasso, and Wolverine's claws. You can view the full list of items here.


Will you be bidding on any props or costumes? Tell us in the comments!

Agents of SHIELD airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10 PM EST.