Agents of SHIELD Producers Address Spinoff Rumors

Agents of SHIELD's seventh season officially kicked off this week, which means there are only 12 [...]

Agents of SHIELD's seventh season officially kicked off this week, which means there are only 12 episodes left of the series. While the Marvel show had a great run (and lasted longer than anyone expected), many people aren't ready to say goodbye to their favorite agents. Fans have often wondered if there will be any spinoffs, especially since SWORD (SHIELD's space-based counterpart) is expected to appear in Disney+'s upcoming series, WandaVision. Other reports suggest that Disney is working on a Secret Warriors series, a team Daisy (Chloe Bennet) already formed in Agents of SHIELD's third season. However, Bennet recently debunked rumors that she's involved with any type of spinoff. In a recent interview with Deadline, the Agents of SHIELD producers addressed spinoff rumors after being asked if SHIELD is "truly over."

"Is anything ever really over nowadays?," Jeph Loeb teased with a laugh. "Those issues are way above our pay grade, you know, and so with the new Disney+ and with all the restructuring that Disney is doing with ABC and Marvel, those kinds of questions really are above what we have any say in," Jeffrey Bell added.

While it sounds like the producers aren't positive whether or not more SHIELD content could be around the corner, Loeb has us hopeful that we could see our agents again in the future. Of course, Agents of SHIELD spinoffs haven't had much luck in the past. Both Marvel's Most Wanted and Ghost Rider were sadly scrapped before they ever got off the ground.

Recently, Clark Gregg addressed whether he'd play Coulson again once the series is over. "This seems like a real good time to announce that … I really don't know," Gregg shared with a laugh. "Sorry. That was a little bit of quarantine sadism. I don't know anything! It's hard for me to imagine a scenario where I'd say, 'No, I'm too busy to put on whatever the latest version of the suit is and go play Phil Coulson.' I'm always thrilled when I see them changing timelines and exposing a multiverse in the cinematic [universe]. Because I think, 'Well, I've seen scenarios where I could be around!' So I really learned with this character to never say never, but I'm also really grateful for the ride that we had."

As for the final season, there will be some familiar faces popping up along the way. Enver Gjokaj will be reprising his role as Daniel Sousa from Agent Carter, and the first episode of the season featured the long-awaited return of Patton Oswalt. Chloe Bennet recently teased that there will "definitely" be more surprise appearances in the final season.

Agents of SHIELD airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10 PM EST.