Agents of SHIELD's New Timeline Could Mean the End of SHIELD

Tonight's Agents of SHIELD episode brought us one step closer to the end. With the Marvel series airing its series finale next week, there are still a lot of questions to be answered, especially regarding the new timeline and the fate of SHIELD. Last week saw the death of Daisy's mother in 1983 and considering Daisy didn't blip out of existence, we were pretty sure that officially meant the show was playing by Avengers: Endgame's time travel rules. In tonight's episode, "Brand New Day," the new timeline theory was confirmed and left the characters wondering if the "OG timeline" is still out there. The episode also ended with some bad news for SHIELD, and it has us worried about how things will wrap up for the organization.

At the end of tonight's episode, more Chronicoms showed up and took out every SHIELD base ranging from the Hub to the Triskelion. We've known for a while that the Triskelion would blow up at the hands of the Chronicoms, but seeing them take out all of SHIELD was a definite shock. This leaves a lot of questions. Will the team be able to salvage this new timeline? Is SHIELD gone for good? DOES the original timeline still exist and can they get back to it? With the series coming to an end next week, we can only assume these questions will soon be answered.

However, if the team does manage to save the day (and SHIELD), there's still the unsettling warning from Enoch that this will be their last mission together. "Brand New Day" featured a reassuring pep talk from Mack, who reminded Daisy that phones exist and insisted that she'll still be herself without the group. Whether or not the entire team will be done with SHIELD or where (and when) the core characters end up is anyone's guess, but we have faith that the series will come to a satisfying conclusion (the showrunners haven't let us down yet).

In addition to the fate of SHIELD, tonight's episode also has us worried about Fitz. We finally saw Iain De Caestecker return in a series of flashbacks, but it's still unclear where he is or if he's even still alive.

What are your theories about Agents of SHIELD's upcoming two-part series finale? Tell us in the comments!


Agents of SHIELD's series finale airs on Wednesday, August 12th, at 9 PM EST on ABC.