'American Dad!' Renewed for Two More Seasons

Animation fans, rejoice! TBS is officially moving forward with American Dad! for two more [...]

Animation fans, rejoice! TBS is officially moving forward with American Dad! for two more seasons.

According to Deadline, TBS has ordered two additional installments of the animated series one month ahead of its Season 12 premiere on February 12.

When it returns next month, American Dad! will form an hour-long comedy block with the animated sci-fi saga Final Space, which is produced by late night host Conan O'Brien. American Dad! will air at 10pm ET on Monday nights, and Final Space will follow it at 10:30pm, beginning on February 26.

This move comes on the heels of TBS cutting ties with Louis C.K. following several allegations of sexual harassment against the comedian. C.K. was producing an animated series called Cops for the network.

The continuation of American Dad! is no surprise for TBS, seeing as how the animated series has become somewhat of an anchor for the network. In 2017, American Dad! ranked as one of cable's top 10 comedies.

"Animation has played a huge role in making us the #1 comedy network," said Brett Weitz, EVP of programming for TBS. "We will keep the momentum going with the two season pick up of American Dad! and finally introducing the world to the brilliantly constructed misadventures of Gary in Final Space."

American Dad! centers on the ultra-patriotic Stan Smith, a CIA agent voiced by Seth MacFarlane. The comedy, which used to air on FOX before moving to TBS, was created by MacFarlane along with Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman.

New series Final Space is a comedy about a spaceman named Gary who makes a new alien friend, Mooncake, while working off a prison sentence. Unfortunately for Gary, Mooncake is actually wanted by the Lord Commander, who wants to use the alien's powers for evil.

Popular YouTube creator and "Tennessee wonder child" Olan Rogers created Final Space, and the series boasts the voices of Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny, David Tennant, Tika Shumpter, Steven Yeun and Coty Galloway.

"Final Space has been an actual dream come true for me. I wanted to create an epic sci-fi comedic serialized animated adventure with a plethora of heart ever since I was a kid," said Rogers. "Final Space has comedy, genuine emotion and truly heartbreaking moments. It's been amazing to have such a great team behind this project, really working to push the limits of what an animated show can be."

You can watch the full trailer for Final Space above.