Anna Friel Cast in Lead Role in Supernatural Series The Box

Books of Blood star Anna Friel has been cast in the lead role of The Box, a supernatural anthology series from Shades of Blue and Eyewitness creator Adi Hasak. According to Deadline, Hasak will serve as series showrunner and is co-writer of all eight, 30-minute episodes for the series, production on which is set to begin in February 2021 in Sweden.
Plot details about The Box are few, but per the report, Friel will play Sharon Pici, a Kansas City Police Detective who is locked in a room that she cannot escape from. The series will reportedly begin as a character-driven psychological thriller, though it will evolve into a supernatural horror story.
Hasak is teaming up with Nordic Entertainment Group for The Box. The series will be produced by NENT subsidiary Nice Drama. Nordic streamer NENT will premiere The Box on Viaplay in Nordic and Baltic regions. International distribution partners and broadcasters are still being determined.
"I'm simply thrilled at how our show came together. An American show, a top notch and dynamic Nordic streamer and studio in NENT, and a remarkably talented British actress in Anna Friel," Hasak said. "This is truly the future of global TV."
"I am excited to be working with NENT Group on such a fascinating project," Friel said. "Looking forward to the cameras rolling and going on this journey with Adi."
Friel can currently be seen in Hulu's Books of Blood, which was inspired by author Clive Barker's series of short stories, including a direct adaptation of "The Book of Blood". The narrative focuses on a grieving woman who is visited by a man claiming he can talk to spirits, which includes relaying messages from her recently deceased son. Friel recently weighed in on how she feels about otherworldly events.
"I think there are certain people who have been able to tap into using certain parts of their brain that other people can't," Friel shared with "We've seen objects being moved and we've seen people predict certain aspects of the future, but I think there are people who prey on the vulnerable and use that and they claim to be able to do these remarkable things. I don't not believe in anything, we're one tiny, tiny planet in a ginormous universe and I hope there's more than things and I hope our souls go somewhere. In the meantime, we can create our own narrative and say what we think happens. You don't want to be bad in this life, if Books of Blood is to be taken as gospel."
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