"Baby Shark" Is Now a Billboard Top 100 Hit

If you're a parent who has lost count of how much you've heard "Baby Shark" in the past few months, it looks like you definitely aren't alone.

Earlier this month, Entertainment Weekly pointed out that the kids' song had officially made its way onto the Billboard Top 100 chart -- and it looks like it isn't going away anytime soon. The song, which uses an array of doo-doo-doo-doos to teach kids about a family of sharks, currently holds the #37 spot on the list, down slightly from its debut placement at #32.

While "Baby Shark" arguably began as a campfire song decades ago, the version recorded by South Korean educational brand Pinkfong has been gaining this whole new sort of notoriety (which has apparently caused some major troubles in terms of copyright). The Pinkfong track has earned 2.1 billion YouTube views since November of 2016, and was reportedly streamed 20.8 million times in the week before its Billboard debut.

"We took a fresh twist and recreated on a traditional singalong chant by adding upbeat rhythms and fresh melody." Seunghyun Kevin Yoon, the marketing manager of Pinkfong's parent company, SmartStudy, recently explained to CBC Radio. We have a team of content creators based in South Korea that plans and directs the design, choreography, storyboarding and localization of Pinkfong's content."

"Baby Shark"'s performance on the Billboard charts is just the latest example of the earworm's success, as Pinkfong has reportedly signed a deal to bring the property to Netflix.


According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Pinkfong plans "to release short videos via Netflix Inc., a cartoon series and a musical in North America this year, one of the company’s founders said in an interview this week. The startup, which has recently signed various merchandising deals, may also develop games that work with Amazon.com Inc.’s Alexa and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Home voice assistants."

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