The Big Bang Theory Stars Producing New Comedy Series for Fox

Actors Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik spent the better part of a decade on The Big Bang Theory [...]

Actors Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik spent the better part of a decade on The Big Bang Theory bringing to life the love story of Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler. The two scientists eventually married on the series, giving them a more than happy ending ahead of the series finale, which aired earlier this year. Bialik and Parsons had an undeniable chemistry on the beloved comedy series, so it should come as no surprise that they've decided to work together once again.

This week, Variety revealed the news that Parsons and Bialik are teaming up for highly-touted new comedy series Carla, a multi-cam sitcom that was chased by multiple networks. Fox ultimately earned the rights to Carla and has given it a straight-to-series order, meaning that it will bypass the pilot system altogether.

Parsons and Bialik will executive producer Carla, with Bialik also attached to star. The series is based on the BBC original program Miranda, which follows a 39-year-old woman "who struggles every day against society and her mother to prove that you cannot have everything you want and still be happy." In an effort to prove a point to her parents, Carla (Bialik) takes the money that was set aside for her wedding and opens a Cat Cafe in Louisville, KY.

As of now, the series is expected to launch in 2020 and will likely be one of the flagship series for the new-look Fox, following Disney's purchase of the 21st Century Fox assets. Sources tell Variety that all of the broadcast networks made a play for Carla, making the series a major victory for Fox.

Darlene Hunt is set to write and executive produce Carla. The series will be a co-production between Fox Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television, the studio that brought The Big Bang Theory to life for so many years. Both Parsons an Bialik are currently in overall deals with WBTV.

"In pursuing a hand-crafted approach to our scripted development, Charlie and I knew Carla, written by Darlene Hunt, was a project with great potential that could become the centerpiece of our comedy slate – and Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik coming to Fox Entertainment is obviously an enormous part of that equation," said Michael Thorn, president of entertainment for Fox Entertainment. "Carla is an unapologetically big, broad multi-cam with a strong female point-of-view, pushing the format in a way that will be distinctive. With the A+ creative team, our partners at Warner Bros., led by the inimitable Peter Roth, and BBC Studios, we think we have something truly special here."

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