'The Big Bang Theory' Stars Bid Emotional Goodbyes to Their Characters in New Videos

The end of The Big Bang Theory is in sight, as the cast and crew of the long-running sitcom currently working on the second half of the final season. As if that thought isn't sad enough for fans of the show, Big Bang's three biggest stars recently recorded new videos in which they bid farewell to their beloved characters.

To go along with a piece on The Big Bang Theory's final season, Entertainment Weekly sat down series stars Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, and Johnny Galecki and asked them to say goodbye to the characters they've played for the last 12 years.

"Hello, Sheldon, this is Jim here," Parsons begins. "I've helped bring you to life for 12 years now, and now it's time, I suppose, I'm supposed to say goodbye. But you know what? I'll never be able to say goodbye completely because, A: I helped make you, so I own part of you, and B: Playing your for this long will always be a part of who I am and has changed me in some ways. I can't say it's made me smarter. Sorry. I'm not even sure it's made me a better person, because you don't bring those kinds of qualities. I think that, if anything, I've helped you become a better person. But wait a minute, we were saying goodbye. You know what? I'll just, I'll see you around. You are on syndicated repeats on television all the damn time so I can't avoid you, although you get to be free of me. Congrats."

"Penny. That was the greatest character I'll ever play in my whole life and I will never be the same," says Cuoco. "I loved drinking with you, girl, and being the neighbor to these goofy guys. This character has changed my life, and this show has changed my life, and I'll never forget it."

"I've been asked to say goodbye to Leonard, but that's kind of impossible," Galecki says. "These characters stay in you, whether you want them there or not, they're in you on a cellular basis for the rest of your life. When it comes to him I'm very happy about that."


The goodbyes will only get more difficult as the end of the series draws nearer. Are you sad to see The Big Bang Theory come to an end? Let us know in the comments!

New episodes of The Big Bang Theory air on Thursday nights at 8 pm ET on CBS.