Bluey "Surprise" Season 3 Finale Reveals Potential Series-Altering Twist

Bluey Season 4 might follow the Heeler family far into the future.

As Bluey fans learned at the end of "The Sign," the Heelers are staying in their beloved house on the hill, and it looks as though they'll be staying there for a long, long time. "The Sign" was followed by a semi-secret new episode of Bluey on Sunday morning. Aptly titled "Surprise," this episode is the 50th of Season 3, and wrapping a bow on the season as a whole. It also acts as an epilogue of sorts, further making fans wonder about the future of the beloved kids series. The final moments of "Surprise" potentially set up an interesting new timeline for Bluey, one that takes the show forward roughly 20 years.

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Bluey Season 3! Continue reading at your own risk...

"Surprise" ends with a time jump into the future, where an older Chilli and Bandit are still living in the same house. Chilli opens the front door to reveal a fully grown-up Bluey, and we learn that Bingo is older but still living at home (though we don't see her). Just when the whole family is walking back to see Bingo, the doorbell rings again and Bandit answers it to find a small dog hiding on the other side, waiting to attack him with a tennis ball launcher similar to the one Bluey had attacked him with earlier in the episode.

There was no official confirmation in the episode that the child on the porch belonged to Bluey, but the context of Bluey just arriving at the house, along with the parallels from Bandit and the tennis ball launcher, make a pretty compelling argument. It also matches up with the story throughout the episode, where Bluey questions her parents about what raising kids is actually like. She gets an idea about what parenting could be by the end of the episode, which gives way to the flash forward scene.

Will Bluey Be an Adult in Season 4?

The biggest question surrounding this ending is what it means for the Bluey series moving forward. This type of future scene is rare for the series, and fans will immediately think back to the ending of "Camping" in Season 1, where Bluey runs into Jean-Luc as a teenager. That was simply a scene to show off a future element of the character and nothing more.

The ending of "Surprise" could be treated the same way, but it feels like a different scenario. The episode arrives at a pivotal moment for Bluey and its creative team. They've confirmed there's more on the way, but they're at something of a crossroads. The young actors who voice Bluey and Bingo are getting older and their voices continue to change. Unless the characters are recast (which seems unlikely), the creators have to make some kind of change or end the show. Based on quotes from producers of Bluey, the latter doesn't seem to be in the cards.

Bluey could continue on for a little while longer with the current cast, potentially making small time jumps as they get older. The series could also leap decades into the future and make Bluey's child the central character, with the titular Bluey still playing a major role. Actress Geraldine Hakewill provided the voice "Grown Up Bluey," perhaps she will take over the character moving forward in a revamped version of the show.

At this point, it seems like everything is on the table. We don't know what the future holds for Bluey just yet, and that makes the conclusion of Season 3 all the more exciting.