Buffy Stunt Coordinator and Stunt Double Call Joss Whedon an "Egomaniac"

Two weeks after Justice League star Ray Fisher called director Joss Whedon 'gross, abusive, and [...]

Two weeks after Justice League star Ray Fisher called director Joss Whedon "gross, abusive, and unprofessional" among other things, more former crew members that have worked with the writer/director have come to light. Speaking with Metro.co.ok, former Buffy The Vampire Slayer stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt and stunt double Sophia Crawford have come forward with new allegations against Whedon, alleging that he retaliated against them individually and as a couple following an on-set disagreement. Pruit said, "We had a great relationship, Joss and I, but he changed as the show took off. He went from the humble writer who used to turn to me for ways to shoot fight scenes into a real egomaniac who believed his own hype."

Pruit added, "Sophia and I kept going for as long as we could but tensions grew and certain members of the crew began to plot against each other – including shady things directed at me behind my back. Although we loved making the show, by season four I'd become fed up and told them I was going to leave to direct Second Unit on another series. The producers told me that Joss reacted as if I was having an affair or something behind his back."

Crawford, Pruit's girlfriend at the time (now wife) and the stunt double for star Sarah Michelle Gellar in the series, revealed that Whedon was eager to have her return for the show's fifth season but on the condition that she split up with Pruit.

"I really loved Buffy, but honestly Joss and Jeff had a bit of a falling out," Crawford told the outlet. "And I'm sure it should have been resolved, could have been resolved, if they'd have just talked it over. But I was called into the office and I was given an ultimatum. And they said to me, 'Come back to the show, but you need to leave Jeff, or don't come back.' And so I basically started crying. And I said 'F you. That's horrible, bye.'"

Pruit went on to allege that after leaving Buffy that he had trouble getting some work, seemingly alluding to some retaliation as he continued to work in Hollywood. He said, "I must admit that sometimes I've been offered a job only for it to suddenly vanish. I've been told that they wanted a 'Jeff Pruitt type – but it can't be Jeff Pruitt.' That actually has happened a couple of times."

Crawford and Pruit went on to work on the likes of Jason Bourne, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Straight Outta Compton, saying they "went on to make more money with less heartache than we'd made in all the Buffy years by working on other projects," concluding that most of their time spent on the series and their memories of it are great.