CBS All Access Rebranding This Year and Adding New Content

In the wake of several major companies launching their own streaming services, ViacomCBS is looking to reinvent its own service, CBS All Access. To this point, the streaming service hasn't had a ton of content, especially compared to the likes of Netflix, but it is anchored by a couple of popular titles like Star Trek and The Good Fight. With so many other services in existence, those couple of programs aren't going to be enough to keep All Access in the race, so CBS is looking to add a lot more to its streaming roster this year.

While speaking to investors on Thursday, ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish announced that CBS All Access would be getting an overhaul in 2020, led by Paramount properties. These properties will include movies from Paramount (such as the Transformers franchise) and TV programs from networks like Nickelodeon and BET.

There will be at least 100 feature films from Paramount added to the service during this overhaul. All Access has long been known for its roster of TV shows, so having that expanded movie library will really come in hand. In addition to the new content, CBS All Access will also continue its ability to stream live sports and news programs, perhaps the service's biggest strength.

“Our biggest franchises will be key to this strategy,” Bakish during Thursday's earnings call. This rebranding strategy won't relaunch the CBS All Access service, but instead add to an “already-developed tech platform … we are not building from scratch,” Bakish added.


When you think about the "biggest franchises" that belong to ViacomCBS, Star Trek is the first thing that comes to mind, and that has been te anchor of CBS All Access for the last couple of years. Both Star Trek: Discovery and Picard have been immensely popular for the streamer. Other popular franchises include Transformers, Mission: Impossible, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Friday the 13th.

At this time, there's no list of what movies and TV shows will be added to CBS All Access in the coming months.