Chris Evans Is Counting Down the Days Until Rick and Morty Returns

Chris Evans might be one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but that’s not stopping him from geeking out about projects he’s not involved in. The actor recently tweeted about his excitement over A Quiet Place 2, and now he’s letting fans know that he’s counting down the days until the fourth season of Rick and Morty premieres. The actor took to Twitter this evening to post about the show, and the tweet has already garnered over 80,000 likes in two hours.

“3 more weeks until Rick and Morty,” Evans wrote.

Many people replied, clearly excited about Evans’ excitement:

“Protect this tweet at all costs,” @TaylorJacobs wrote.

“The only thing that matters,” @casuaIbrendon added.

However, someone else is in the comments section is counting down the days Evans' next film:

That’s right, Knives Out, the next Rian Johnson film that features Evans hits theaters in November. The movie also stars Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ana de Armas, Toni Collette, Michael Shannon, Lakeith Stanfield, Don Johnson, Katherine Langford, Jaeden Martell, and Christopher Plummer. Here's the official synopsis for Knives Out:

"Described as a modern take on the whodunit murder mystery, the film follows a family gathering gone horribly awry when the family's patriarch (Christopher Plummer) dies and two detectives (Daniel Craig and Lakeith Stanfield) are sent to investigate the scene."

This isn't the first time Evans has expressed his love for Rick and Morty:

“There isn’t another show on television like @RickandMorty. It’s a true original. And it’s awesome,” Evans tweeted earlier this year. recently confirmed with Adult Swim that the upcoming season will be 10 episodes in length, but will be split up between two parts. Five episodes will be released in 2019 and the other five will be released in 2020.

Earlier this year, Rick and Morty co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon confirmed that the season would be 10 episodes, and that there was already work being done on Season 5.


"This new season will be 10," Roiland said. "We’re rolling right into the next batch. The plan has always been to get them out quicker."

The fourth season of Rick and Morty begins on November 10th at 11:30 pm on Adult Swim, and Knives Out hits theaters on November 27th.