Cobra Kai Season 3: When Will New Episodes Premiere on Netflix

Many more fans of The Karate Kid finally had the chance to view the popular spinoff series Cobra Kai for the first time as the former YouTube show finally made the jump to Netflix. With the first two seasons now streaming on the popular platform, Karate Kid fans were able to catch up with the epic rivalry between Daniel and Johnny, with the former bully taking the spotlight in the show. But this is just a preview of what's to come, as the third season of Cobra Kai is on the way. And it sounds like we won't have to wait long, because the new episodes will be hitting Netflix sometime in the next year.

YouTube renewed Cobra Kai for Season 3 quite a while ago. In fact, the third season was already filmed before Netflix purchased the streaming rights to the show, which means that Season 3 will be released directly to Netflix when it arrives. There isn't an exact release date for the new season just yet, but Netflix did confirm last month that Season 3 would be coming in 2021.

It's going to be difficult for fans to wait that long for Season 3, especially after being able to binge the first two installments on Netflix. However, according to star William Zabka, the third season will be worth the wait.

"It's got a bigger audience now and we had an amazing fan base, but now we have a real big global audience," Zabka said of the move to Netflix. "So a lot of countries didn't get a chance to see it. But Season 3 is gonna be worth the wait. It's going to deliver in a great way. On all fronts. There will be some surprises, there's things you expect that aren't going to happen, but that's on purpose. I mean, you couldn't figure it out. You know, if you watch Cobra Kai from Episode 1 to the end of Season 2, you couldn't have tracked that. It's all surprising. It's just great writing."

The second season of Cobra Kai saw the return of Kreese, Johnny's old Sensei, who takes the "No Mercy" attitude of the dojo to the extreme. In Season 3, we will likely see some more classic characters from The Karate Kid make a comeback.


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