Comic-Con 2020: Solar Opposites Season 2 Clip Released

Solar Opposites has released a clip from Season 2 at Comic-Con 2020. A bunch of fans were wondering what Justin Roiland and company had in store during the show. Their patience was rewarded with some in-progress work and a general read of everything going on with the Hulu mega-hit. The clip sees the would-be family unit in their house. Korvo and Terry are enjoying a nice summer day with relaxing adult activities. All that comes to a screeching halt when Yumyulack and Jesse come flying in bickering about eyeliner. When the two adults are basically at their wits’ end, a neighbor suggests shipping the kids off to summer camp. Seeing as how the aliens are trying to learn about Earth customs, the time-honored tradition of sleep away camp is prime comedy material for everyone.

Along with Roiland, executive producers Mike McMahan and Josh Bycel were in the panel to answer questions. Fans have been constantly wondering what is coming in Season 2, and the producer had a couple hints ready.

“There’s interesting class stuff. In the season premiere of next year, they discover there’s another group of people that are there—that they’ve never had to deal with class, as aliens,” Bycel offered. “And we have a great episode where Terry is, like, obsessed with dinner parties, and Korvo is terrible at dinner parties and says all the wrong things, and doesn’t understand by Brooklyn is cool... there’s a lot of that fun stuff.”

For anyone wondering about a potential Rick and Morty crossover, Roiland had some quotes that will definitely stoke those particular fires. With so many platforms emerging, and some being owned by the same entities, it seems like a matter of time, but anything is possible.

The Rick and Morty star joked, “You’ve gotta ask these giant, lumbering mega corporations that have merged together like water droplets, just growing into a giant ocean-sized whatever. Maybe if they just merge together into one giant thing it’ll happen.”


Mcmahon was even more over the top with his comments. “As everybody knows, the first thing you do when you’re creating a new show, is you start to think about all the crossovers you can do,” he said. “We’ve already written the Transformers crossover, the Star Wars crossover, the Muppet Babies crossover, the Cap’n Crunch crossover. We have a bunch more crossovers to write in case we can ever do them.”

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