Helstrom Star Hopes to Crossover With Black Panther

Despite some corporate restructurings that have posed major question marks with the future of Helstrom, at least one of the show's stars hope for a major crossover between the movies from Marvel Studios and the last remaining live-action series from Marvel Television. In support of Helstrom's Comic-Con@Home panel Friday afternoon, ComicBook.com sat down with series star Elizabeth Marvel, an actor who wants her character — the demonic Victoria Helstrom — to pop up in Wakanda alongside the cast of Black Panther at one point or another.

"You know, I have a fantasy of Victoria, because she goes through quite an evolution and she is an extremely powerful entity," Marvel tells us. "But the fascinating thing, I think sort of like all mothers is we, we are beings of great power and we can use that power for good and for evil, depending on many circumstances."

That's when Marvel tells us she thinks the character can be used for good, even though some might think otherwise. "So I think Victoria has the potential to be used for great good," the actor adds. "And my fantasy would be for her to be taken to Wakanda and be used as a tool, hopefully for good, to be an emissary to go forth as we left at the end of the first Black Panther of where that world was going to now move forward into, that would be a crossover I'd like."

There's some precedence with Black Panther dealing with the supernatural; in fact, it's something we even saw on-screen during Black Panther and T'Challa's (Chadwick Boseman) brief journey to the afterlife. In the Marvel comic mythos, there's a run from Christopher Priest where the character, his Dora Milaje, and Everett Ross have to deal with Mephisto and the forces of Hell.

As of you know by now, Daimon (Tom Austen) and Satana "Ana" Helstrom (Sydney Lemmon) are both the children of Satan, so there's always a chance for an organic crossover there — you know, should Marvel Studios include Helstrom canon after all.


Helstrom hits Hulu on October 16th while Black Panther 2 is currently set for release on May 6, 2022.

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