Riverdale and Katy Keene Crossover Details Revealed

It is shaping up to be a big Fall season on the CW, and Riverdale isn't going to let the network's stable of superhero shows hog all the attention. Riverdale is getting a crossover with the upcoming Katy Keene spin-off show and Dateline is reporting some initial details from the event. The Tribeca TV Festival panel for the show showed off some boxing action, more Josie and the Pussycats fun, and even Robin Givens popping up again for good measure.

K.O. Kelly, Katy's boyfriend with dreams of being a boxer, was a major presence in the pilot. The young man, played by Zane Holtz, talked about his motivation to someday get in the ring at Madison Square Garden, the world's most famous arena. Lucy Hale has plenty to do as Katy, and her journey along with three close friends will comprise the majority of the storylines in the spin-off.

Michael Grassi, an executive producer on the show, said that viewers "will definitely see someone from Riverdale face off against K.O. in the ring," but with the caveat that it might not be too soon. Of course, audience members shouted for K.J. Apa's Archie to be the one to get that honor. Other familiar faces from Riverdale, like Ashleigh Murray's Josie will be making appearances too. In fact, Murray said fans could expect to see The Pussycats but, "in a way that you wouldn't expect."

Meanwhile, new mysteries are in the air on Riverdale as senior year is here. Jughead looks figure into Season 4 in a big way, as his friends are searching for him after the cliffhanger to end Season 3. The character was present for a lot of the teaser trailer released earlier this year, but the clip opened and closed on people looking for him in the woods. There's something strange going on and someone has to get to the bottom of it.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa serves as showrunner on Riverdale, and he confirmed that the mystery will take center stage this season with TVLine.

"Throughout the season, we'll be tracking how we get into that night in the woods," he explained. "It's a different kind of mystery than we've done [before]."


Archie, Betty, and Veronica were seen burning a pile of their clothes and tossing their friend's signature hat into the flames in the Season 3 cliffhanger. Riverdale star Cole Sprouse told Comicbook.com that fans will never see the ending coming at San Diego Comic-Con. He honestly thinks the cast couldn't have predicted it either.

"They gave [the scene] to us right before we shot it, which is kind of normal," Sprouse explained earlier this year. "You don't want people to know the ending until it's the end of the filming schedule, because it reduces the potential for spoilers. But I think it's interesting, and I think the idea of him burning his beanie is visually stimulating, and a good little hook. I'm excited. I think that they had had that plan for a little bit, and I'm hard-pressed to think that they would ever change the entire narrative of the storyline because someone's cold."

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