Darkwing Duck Making a Return

There's only one thing that could make a reboot within a reboot better and that's if it's on DuckTales and the thing getting the reboot treatment within the Disney Channel series is none other than Darkwing Duck. That's right, the popular cartoon hero returns to the DuckTales reboot later this month in the episode "The Duck Knight Returns".

As you can see in the clip above, Darkwing Duck makes his return as, what else, a popular franchise in the new DuckTales world. The clip features Scrooge McDuck (voiced by David Tennant) attempting to strike a partnership with film director Alistair Boorswan (voiced by Baby Driver director Edgar Wright) on a possible Darkwing Duck reboot. It's an exciting prospect for fan Launchpad McQuack (Beck Bennett) who has a pretty solid fanboy reaction.

"Aw cool, a big-budget reboot of a thing I loved as a kid? Those are always great!" Launchpad exclaims before peppering Alistair with a lot of questions about the project.

The episode features several fun Darkwing Duck-related Easter Eggs. Jim Cummings, who provided the voice for Darkwing Duck in the original '90s cartoon, plays duck actor Jim Starling while the character's real-life creator, Tad Stones, also has a role as the voice of a security guard also named Tad. For Stones, Darkwing Duck connecting to the new DuckTales is exciting.

"I'm a giant fan of the new DuckTales series and am super excited that they are building a universe that connects new versions of the Disney Afternoon shows, including Darkwing Duck," Stones told Entertainment Weekly. "Matt [Youngberg] and Frank [Angones] took me through their ideas for Darkwing's presence in DuckTales and I am thrilled that they are keeping the heart of the character while building an even richer backstory. Darkwing couldn't be in better hands."

The DuckTales revival has been quite the hit for Disney Channel. Before the second season of the series had even premiered, Disney had already renewed DuckTales for a third season. Danny Pudi, Bobby Moynihan, and Ben Schwartz play the Scrooge McDuck's three trouble-making nephews, while former Doctor Who David Tennant plays the uncle himself.

"The Duck Knight Returns" episode of DuckTales premieres Friday on Disney Channel.

Are you excited for the return of Darkwing Duck? Let us know in the comments below.



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