David Hasselhoff Teases Involvement In 'Knight Rider' Reboot

Knight Rider looks to be roaring back to life sooner than later, and David Hasselhoff recently [...]

Knight Rider looks to be roaring back to life sooner than later, and David Hasselhoff recently teased he will be involved with what comes next.

Hasselhoff played Michael Knight in the original television series and has been linked to the franchise ever since. In a new interview, Hasselhoff went into detail about why a series revival didn't happen previously (one did happen in 2008, but he wasn't involved)

"We talked about another series about eight to nine years ago," Hasselhoff told The Mirror. "But they wanted to do it without me."

It wasn't for lack of trying though, as he pitched a few different ideas to them. "I even said I didn't have to be the lead," Hasselhoff said. "I didn't even need to be in it that much, I could cameo or something, but they didn't listen. I wanted to tell them what the morals behind Knight Rider were, the morals behind Baywatch and why they worked!"

Knight Rider actually came up during his Honeymoon, solidifying his view on what made the character and the property popular.

"I was on my honeymoon and this guy said to be 'You know why Knight Rider is so popular?' so I said 'Why?' He told me 'You put your morals into Knight Rider and into Baywatch, that's why they are popular.' I thought, yes that's true!"

That's also why for Hasselhoff it isn't about the character pulling off daredevil feats or trying to be something he's not. "I don't need to be brave and fight like Knight Rider, or swim like in Baywatch, it's not that, it's about why they do it."

Hasselhoff was then asked if Knight Rider was on or off the cards, to which he teased "I'm not supposed to say anything, but stay tuned. The Knight Rider will ride again!"

Hasselhoff said he wasn't supposed to comment on whatever that Knight Rider project turns out to be, but he was "too excited" to wait for an official unveiling.

As for what that project will be, we aren't sure. It's been since 2008 since a series was tried, so perhaps it is time for the original Knight Rider to work his magic and bring the KITT back into the spotlight.


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