DC FanDome: The Flash Showrunner Shares Original Vision For Black & White "Kiss Kiss Breach Breach" Episode

The Flash's showrunner shared his original vision for the Black & White entry from Season 6. "Kiss Kiss Breach Breach" was highly anticipated, and while the entire effort wouldn't be seen in its complete form until the home DVD release, now people know what happened. Eric Wallace spoke about the decision to bring the film noir vibes to life during today's DC FanDome panel for the show. Fans love these Flash episodes that take conventions from one genre and explore them.

"Oh, it's a film noir story. And I always wanted it to be black and white. What was really great in making the episode with the director Menhaj Huda. He had an idea. He knew I wanted to be in black and white so well why don't we do the vibes in black and white, and something that Carlos had always talked about is how you can do vibes differently, and how unique that could be as a directorial challenge and Carlos was saying how even, way back in season one," Wallace shared.

He added, "That was something they needed to figure out, well when Menhaj did that we cut it into the episode. It dawned on me, oh we can have a special edition of this that achieves this vision of an entire film noir story, all in black and white Gani trail and black and white. Awesome."

Jessica Camacho played Breacher's daughter Cynthia on The Flash and her reaction to acting alongside Danny Trejo was pretty similar to the fanbase when they figured it out.

"Oh, I flipped out. [laughs] I geeked out, for sure. I completely geeked out!" Camacho previously told ComicBook.com about Trejo's casting. "I have been such a big fan of his for years, and, man. He's just the coolest. He's iconic in his badass-dom; I just thought that that was a perfect fit....They couldn't have nailed it any better.


"And once he showed up, seeing what he brings -- it was such a pleasure to work with him, because he brings so much." Camacho continued. "He strikes fear into anybody who looks at him, but also, because I get to play his daughter, I got to see him be lovey, and he's just really funny. He's so many things, so it was such a joy to work with him and to see him fill out and flesh out his character."

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