DC Universe Considering Titans Spinoff Despite HBO Max Launch

DC Universe was one of the first new services to enter the streaming wars, and its also been one [...]

DC Universe was one of the first new services to enter the streaming wars, and its also been one with some of the biggest stumbles. With a low subscriber base, and virtually no kind of hype or word-of-mouth behind it, DC Universe in a lot of ways feels dead in the water. Recently there have been reports hinting that the launch of HBO Max could doom DC Universe; however, today brings some new hope for DC Universe fans. It's now being reported that DC is actually looking to extend DC Universe's longevity with exclusive new content - including a Titans spinoff!

Business Insider did a feature on the future of DC Universe with HBO Max's launch, and got word from a former Digital Labs employee that "The feeling in the office is that DC Universe is going to be around for at least another year or two... There's commitment and funding."

However, before any DC fans get too excited: it's also reported that DC Universe will be keeping content output small. A crew member for DC Universe's productions told Business Insider that, "They want to keep it around but they want to keep it small." That same crew member also reportedly stated that Titans is viewed as the centerpiece of the DC Universe lineup, and that therefore spinoffs of show were being considered.

None of this should be all too surprising to anyone who's actually kept up with DC Universe's progression. The service has had more hits than misses on the original programming front: Titans has built hype and exposure (thanks in part to being offered on Netflix internationally); Doom Patrol was a critical hit that built itself through strong word-of-mouth; the Harley Quinn adult animated series and Young Justice animated series are genuine hits; and Stargirl will be brining more of the teen-friendly Arrowverse kind of material to DC Universe's otherwise more adult content offerings. The content also forms a natural bridge with Warner Bros. HBO Max service, which is offering Green Lantern and Justice League Dark, as two highly-anticipated brands.

The world Titans has built already offers quite a few fun opportunities for spinoffs. DC and Warner Bros. can tie into their Batman and Suicide Squad franchises, which are both currently getting film reboots; Wonder Woman's universe is also on the table (through Donna Troy); same with Aquaman's world. Of course, to keep things more on budget, DC Universe can also be the place where DC fans finally get long-awaited projects like a series about The Question.

That's all to say, DC Universe has a good few years of content left, if it chooses its spinoffs wisely.