Simpsons Team Confirms New Disenchantment Episodes

While today was all about Disney for the creative minds behind The Simpsons, Matt Groening and his fellow creators revealed a major tidbit regarding a certain Netflix animated series. Netflix has yet to confirm that there will be a new season of Disenchantment, the animated surreal series brought its fourth season to a close earlier this year and Groening let the cat out of the bag at D23 that new episodes were being worked on when it comes to the Luci, Bean, and Elfo's world.

Disenchantment currently has forty episodes available to stream on Netflix, with the premiere episode arriving in 2018. Taking a different stance from the somewhat mundane environment of The Simpsons and the science fiction adventures of Planet Express in Futurama, the Netflix animated series takes place squarely in a medieval fantasy land in which Bean is struggling with her role as a princess, while also drinking the nights away. Coming into contact with the elf, Elfo, and a demon from the underworld in Luci, the four seasons of the animated series have taken the trio to some wild territory and seen the characters evolve throughout the show's run time.'s own Jamie Jirak was in attendance at the D23 panel focusing on The Simpsons, wherein the creators couldn't help but spread the news that both Disenchantment and Futurama had new episodes that were being produced as we speak.

The official description of the latest season of the animated series from Netflix reads as such:

"The mystery of Dreamland's origins—and the stakes for its future—become ever clearer as our trio—and King Zøg—find themselves on personal journeys that will ultimately tie into the kingdom's fate. Separated at the end of Part III, our heroes race to reunite in this sweeping series of ten episodes. They'll find themselves everywhere from the depths of Hell to the clouds of Heaven and everywhere in between, including Ogreland, Steamland, underwater, monasteries, insane asylums, the Enchanted Forest, the Dreamscape and more. All the while, puzzle pieces both canonical and personal will reveal themselves to eager fans."

A release date for the potential fifth season wasn't revealed during the D23 panel, though we would imagine that a renewal notification from Netflix might be on the horizon following this confirmation. 

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