Disney Channel Renews Raven's Home For Season 5

Disney Channel has renewed a fan favorite for Season 5. Raven's Home will be getting another set of episodes according to a report by Variety. In a surprise bit of news, Rondell Sheridan will be back in the house as Raven's dad. Some new faces will be aboard as well with Mykal-Michelle Harris from mixed-ish as Reven's cousin Alice and Disney Channel actor Felix Avitia as Booker's high school classmate Neil. It's been a long road for the Raven Symone-led show as there was concern that it would face the same fate as the Lizzie McGuire reboot. However, that's been far from the case as 5 seasons is impressive for any show. Heading back to San Francisco for more family adventures sounds like a layup. Especially because Raven's cousin Booker has his own set of psychic powers to contend with. Unfortunately, that means some familiar faces won't be along for the ride.

Chelsea actress Anneliese van der Pol, Naiv Robinson, Jason Maibaum, and Sky Katz are staying behind after Season 4's finale. Disney issued a statement about heading forward with the show.

"Ever since the debut of 'That's So Raven,' Raven-Symoné has been an incredibly important part of the Disney Channel family. With 'Raven's Home,' her talent and special brand of humor have continued to resonate with kids and families, and we're excited to see what lies ahead for Raven in season five," Ayo Davis, president, Disney Branded Entertainment wrote. "This beloved series is in good hands with the experienced team of Raven, Scott Thomas, Jed Elinoff and Anthony C. Hill leading an amazing cast and crew."

The star told ET that she was unsure of what would come next earlier this year. "I cannot tell you the status of Raven's Home because I don't know it myself," Raven explained. "I hope that people go back and watch the series and write in, tweet, post what they would like because ultimately we are here for the fans. We are here to entertain those. And do I love my cast? Yes. Do I want to work with them for as long as I can? Of course. Is it my decision? No, that's Disney Channel's decision. So wait for it. Make noise, stomp your feet, do what you can and see what happens."

"I directed [the finale]. So yes, I do know what it looks like, but I also know there's been many series in the history of television that have ended but also have come back, and have ended and not come back," Raven added. "So I think it's a good cliffhanger to whatever happens, and I think that that chapter in [Raven and Chelsea's] life as a whole is done. And I think that we encapsulated this series in a really nice way. And who knows what could happen in the future."

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