What Does the Disney & Fox Deal Mean For 'Firefly'?

Today, The Walt Disney Company made history with its $55 million deal with 21st Century Fox. Fans are still coming to terms with this merger's massive impact on the pop culture landscape, with everything from Marvel Studios to Fight Club (yes, really) being affected.

But a couple of Fox's other assets, ones that might not immediately come to people's minds, could possibly be impacted as well. Among them is the cult-classic television series Firefly.

As Firefly fans (AKA Browncoats) know, Fox's space-western series was cancelled after one season in 2002. But thanks to the fandom's growth, the series was able to live on in the 2005 movie Serenity. In the twelve-or-so years since then, fans have continued to wonder what's next for the series, even though Fox didn't seem to have any plans for a reunion.

But now that Firefly's rights will technically be owned by Disney, it isn't too much of a leap to wonder if some sort of continuation is in the cards. After all, Disney has had quite a few Firefly alums (most notably Alan Tudyk) on their roster in the years since the show premiered. And Firefly creator Joss Whedon could possibly be more willing to come back for a revival, considering his work under the Disney umbrella with the Avengers films.

If that were the case, what sort of continuation of Firefly could we see? Could a Serenity sequel join Disney's upcoming film slate? Or could the cast be reunited for a new limited series (a la The X-Files or Twin Peaks or any of the other television revivals happening right now)? Either way, there'd certainly be fans that'd be willing to see it.