Disney’s 'Gargoyles' Joins the Funko Pop Family


Disney's animated series Gargoyles will undoubtedly bring back fond memories for anyone that grew up in the '90s. The show about ancient stone creatures that come to life at night and protect modern-day New York City ran for only a few seasons, but that was enough to earn it a solid cult classic status. If you're a die-hard fan of the show, prepare for a delightful dose of nostalgia courtesy of Funko. They've just dropped a big wave of Gargoyles Pop figures and keychains!

The collection includes the Wyvern Clan leader known as Goliath, rookery brothers Lexington, Brooklyn, and Broadway, the immortal gargoyle Demona, and the gargoyle beast Bronx. Goliath and Demona are also available as Pop Keychains. The entire standard lineup of Disney Gargoyles Funko Pop products is available to pre-order right here, right now with shipping slated for August. Secure them while you can because these will definitely be popular.

As far as exclusives go, look for a stone Pop 2-pack of Hudson and Bronx at FYE, a stone Demona Pop at Hot Topic, and a stone Goliath Pop at Target in July. A keychain version of stone Demona will also be available at Hot Topic in the same time frame.


In other nostalgic Funko Pop news, the well-traveled thief known as Carmen Sandiego is another new addition to the Funko family. You can pre-order it right here, right now with shipping slated for August. A clear fade exclusive version of the figure is available to order right here at GameStop.

If the educational Carmen Sandiego games of the '80s and '90s sparked your interest in geography and travel, you should take your Carmen Sandiego Funko Pop with you on all of your adventures as an adult. It's fitting that she introduced you to the wider world all those years ago, and now you're taking her along for the ride. That's much better than taking along your Oregon Trail handheld, which takes a much darker view on travel. Suffice it to say, you don't want to spend your vacation worrying that your continental breakfast might result in dysentery.


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