Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Merch Now on Sale at Disney Parks

Disney Afternoons’ early 90s lineup has come back around in a huge way with the new Ducktales cartoon and the announcement of most of those shows available on Disney+. Now, you can own some of the cool merchandise around Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers while you binge it all this Fall. Inside The Magic spotted an awesome button-up shirt and some backpacks at Disneyland parks this week. One of the most successful parts of Rescue Rangers was how noticeable the character designs were. You could look at Chip, Dale, Monterey Jack or Gadget and clearly understand a little bit about their characters. In just that title sequence alone, you could see exactly what purpose they served on the mystery-solving team.

Dale’s shirt and Chip’s jacket are two of the things that fans remember most. The two leads were clearly dressed to mimic Indiana Jones and Magnum P.I. Now, fans can purchase that bright red and yellow shirt at the assorted parks for $59.99. If that weren’t enough to appeal to your inner nostalgia, you can get a sweet reversible backpack with the two characters face on either side. Remember Chip’s nose is brown (hence his name) and Dale’s nose is red. The Loungefly backpack is on sale at the parks for $80.

Disney+ actually shook the Internet earlier this week when they announced that the original Chip 'n' Dale series would be available on the streaming service. This all comes after a new TV series featuring the characters was announced earlier this summer too. The new series should be out by the end of 2019. Now, the brand new entry has a fresh art style that might catch some of the older fans who remember Rescue Rangers off guard. Much like the Mickey Mouse cartoon now airing on Disney Channel, seeing the characters in this new format can be a bit strange. (That Mickey cartoon is pretty great though.) It follows in a more modern style like a Big City Greens or Owl House.

The series is being developed by Disney's London-based animation team in collaboration with Paris’ Xilam Animation. Xilam will fully produce Chip 'n' Dale and 39 seven-minute episodes will comprise the first installment. Jean Cayrol is directing the series with Marc du Pontavice producing.


“Animation continues to be one of the cornerstones of Disney magic and story-telling, across Disney Channels and excitedly, now on the new streaming platform, Disney Plus,” explained Helene Etzi, country manager at The Walt Disney Company France. “As a company, we are privileged to work with so many creative masterminds, both here in France and across Europe, who are first in class when it comes to relaying timeless stories for all members of the family.”

Disney+ launches on November 12th of this year, though Chip 'n' Dale doesn't yet have a release date.