'Doctor Who' Star Jacqueline Pearce Dies At 74

Today, the Doctor Who family is gathering to mourn the loss of one of their own. According to new reports, Jacqueline Pearce has passed away at 74 in her UK home.

The news come from The Sun as the publication reports the actress passed following her battle with lung cancer. For fans, they will know the actress best for playing Supreme Commander Servalan in Blake's 7, but she also appeared in Doctor Who as Chessene.

The character was introduced in 1985 as a guest role in "The Two Doctors" opposite Colin Baker. The episode follows the Sixth Doctor as he and his former companion Jamie McCrimmon team up once again to save the Second Doctor from a nefarious plot. Dastari is out to learn the secrets behind time travel, and the scientist is willing to take the Second Doctor's DNA to do just that.

Chessene plays a minor role in the episode until her alien roots lead her to kill Dastari. The modified Androgum tries to take the Second Doctor's blood for herself, but she is killed during her escape attempt.

John Ainsworth, a close friend to Pearce, shared a statement mourning her death. He confirmed the actress was diagnosed with lung cancer only a "couple of weeks ago" and decided to receive care at home.


"She was outrageous, she was very honest and very straightforward, which didn't always go down very well, but you knew where you were with her," Ainsworth wrote.

"She liked a glass of champagne and liked everyone to have a good time with her, and of course she was a brilliant actress and everyone who worked with her remembered her very fondly."