‘Doctor Who’ Reveals New TARDIS

Doctor Who is back at it with a new season, and the arrival of the 13th Doctor couldn't be any bigger. At long last, fans of the hit sci-fi series have met a Female Doctor, and the long-awaited heroine just found something rather important.

Over in the UK, the latest episode of Doctor Who went live, and season 11 picked up quickly. While its premiere took a bit to pick up, "The Ghost Monument" didn't waste any time with fans. Audiences met the Doctor and her three stowaway companions as they got ensnared in an intergalactic hunt, and it ended with the perfect boon.

Yes, the 13th Doctor has a TARDIS now, and it is all sorts of beautiful.

As you can see above, the new TARDIS is definitely a major departure from the time machine fans saw last. The 12th Doctor had an eclectic abode, and its bright aesthetic was easy to fall for. Now, the TARDIS has taken on a darker interior, and it suits the 13th Doctor just right.

The console room is filled with octagonal frames, and they surround its arched centerpiece. The abstract design is filled with shades of orange and blue, giving it a natural palate. The TARDIS signs off its redesign with a rustic-looking control panel, and that's not even the best part. Naturally, the new TARDIS has a custard pastry-making device, and the 13th Doctor is all to delighted by the discovery.

Honestly, who wouldn't be?

After losing the TARDIS in episode one, the Doctor is happy to have her longest-lasting comrade back. The time-traveling alien had to face some sadistic trials to reunite with her TARDIS, but she made it happen. Now, the overhauled machine is ready to whisk the 13th Doctor on all sorts of missions, but it needs to make room for guests. After all, the heroine does have three companions (or, friends, rather) with her, and the trio will surely undergo a few more adventures before the Doctor gets them back home.


So, are you a fan of this TARDIS makeover? Where should Doctor Who take the time machine next? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!