What Time Are the 2019 Emmy Awards?

The big night is almost here and one question remains: What time do the Emmy's start tonight? People are texting and Googling the answers as we speak. So, if someone fires a "Hey! Do you know what time this year's Emmy Awards start tonight?" you can toss this link their way. Comicbook.com has taken all the guesswork out of knowing exactly when the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards begin. Here are all the details for you right here in one concise package:

If you're wondering who will be handling hosting duties this year, the 2019 Emmys are following the Oscars' lead and going without a host this year. The festivities kick off on live on FOX tonight, September 22nd, at 8:00 Eastern and 5:00 PM Pacific at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The decision to roll without hosts might catch people off-guard, but the decision comes after some high-profile drama choosing hosts for other shows. Everything has been completely streamlined.

Time to celebrate the diversity that television has brought us this year with shows like Chernobyl and Veep. Game of Thrones leads the way with 32 nominations after the final season. In a move that signals the changing times for the medium, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, an Amazon Prime comedy, wrangled 20 nominations. HBO is a heavy-hitter this year with a staggering 137 nominations. Streaming giant Netflix came to play as well with 117 nominations.

Wondering when the Red Carpet events begin for the big night? E! kicks things off with E! Countdown to the Red Carpet: The 2019 Emmy Awards at 4:30 PM Eastern & 1:30 PM Pacific. The channel follows that up with Live From the Red Carpet: The 2019 Emmy Awards at 6 PM Eastern & 3 PM Pacific. People and Entertainment Weekly are both running their own livestreams on their website at 6 PM Eastern & 3 PM Pacific. You can catch FOX's 71st Emmy Awards pre-show at 6:30 PM Eastern & 3:30 PM Pacific.


Now, you are all set to go before the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards begin. But, have you figured out who is nominated in each category? Luckily for you, ComicBook.com will be covering the show LIVE and you can follow along on Twitter with @ComicBook.

Are you attending any parties for the 2019 Emmy Awards? Will Game of Thrones win big this year? Or will When They See Us surprise a lot of people? Who is the underdog that everyone is overlooking? The only way to find out is to follow along during the 2019 Emmys!