Family Guy And American Dad Will Not Be Available On Disney+

Disney's new streaming service is packed with an impressive library of content, which includes movies and television shows from Disney proper, Marvel, Star Wars, and Fox. That includes now being the home of every season of FOX's long-running Simpsons, though new episodes will still air on FOX. The Simpsons has anchored FOX's animation lineup for years, though since its debut that stable has grown to include hits like Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, and more. You might expect some of those other animated properties to join The Simpsons on Disney's new service, but Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger recently broke the news that that's not in the plans.

Iger spoke to Brian Grazer as part of Live Talks Los Angeles, and during the conversation about Iger's new book, Iger was asked by someone in the audience if Family Guy and American Dad might appear on Disney+ as well, but Iger quickly shot that possibility down, simply saying "no" (via Deadline).

While both Simpsons and Family Guy are a big part of FOX's animation lineup, it seems only Simpsons is making the trek over to Disney. That said, who knows what the future holds, as it seemed unlikely at one point that Simpsons would be on a Disney service a few years ago.

Iger also opened up about short-form content in general, something the company's mascot Mickey Mouse is very familiar with, though we're not sure if there will be a great deal of new short-form content coming in the future.

"Remember, Mickey Mouse is more short form than long-form, he's mostly been in shorts. Shorts, and shorts," Iger said. "I think it's a very different form of storytelling," Iger said. "The Simpsons started as short form."


Now, to be fair it's not like Disney+ will be lacking content, even without Family Guy. The service will feature all of Marvel Studios' movie catalog as well as the animated shows in Marvel's library, including X-Men and Spider-Man. It will also house Disney's animated films and plenty of shows from Disney Channel, and then there's the Star Wars catalog of movies and television. Throw in the films and shows that it gets from the Fox side of things and you've got one major deal for just $6.99, and it is only going to grow as time goes on.