Brian to Get Married in 'Family Guy' Season 17 Premiere

family guy brian
(Photo: FOX)

Family Guy made waves a few years back when the animated FOX series decided to briefly kill off Brian, the talking dog that fans have come to adore. With a new season coming this fall, the creative team behind the series has revealed another major change to Brian's story.

Wedding bells are ringing for Brian and the Griffin family.

During an interview with Deadline, Family Guy showrunners Alec Sulkin and Rich Appel were asked about Brian's "death" in 2013, and whether or not they had another moment like that coming in the new season.

"I would say that that’s always a possibility, Sulking admitted. "I don’t think that we have any immediate plans to kill off any of our main characters, but with our show, you never know. That’s why people went so nuts over the Brian thing, because it felt very real, like it could happen. Of course we got it all back."

This is where Appel stepped in and confirmed that, while they may not be killing anyone this season, there will be a new addition in the form of Brian's upcoming marriage.

"Yes, and at the time, I remember that someone wrote a column in a big newspaper about how the Family Guy writers realized that it was a huge mistake from fan reaction, and two weeks later, they brought him back in an episode," Appel began. "I remember thinking, that’s somebody who does not understand that we spend a year on each of these shows. So, luckily, fans missed him because we knew he was coming back. Brian, next year in the season premiere, he’s going to get married, and that’s a two-parter. So that’s something — instead of killing off a character, we’re bringing on a character, and we’ll see what happens with that."


It sounds like 2018 is going to be a very memorable year for Brian Griffin. Maybe, just maybe, angry fans will finally be able to forgive his emotional death episode from nearly half-a-decade ago.

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