'Family Guy' Season 17 Trailer Released

Fox showed off a trailer for Family Guy season 17 at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday, packing in as [...]

Fox showed off a trailer for Family Guy season 17 at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday, packing in as many quick jokes as possibly into a four-and-a-half-minute reel.

The trailer features plenty of the topical jokes Seth MacFarlane's show has become known for over the years. There digs at Kanye West ("I'm givin' this lasagne a massage while preparing to announce I'm joining ISIS!"), Netflix ("Everyone gets a special") and singing grapes. It also ends with a joke about MacFarlane's other Fox show, his live-action sci-fi dramedy The Orville.

In the scene, we see Peter shoot the television before a new episode of The Orville is about to air.

"Why do you hate that show so much?" Chris asks.

"Because it's preventing me from doing my work here at Family Guy," Peter replies before the trailer ends.

At the end, the Family Guy team also listed the names of the episode where the scenes come from. The titles are "Married With Cancer," "Dead Dog Walking," "Big Trouble In Little Quahog," "Regarding Carter," "Stand By Meg," "The Griggin Winter Games" and "Con Heiress."

Family Guy Co-Showrunners Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin told Entertainment Weekly that one episode this season will parody President Donald Trump. In the episode, Trump finds out that Peter sells fake news and hires him to be the new White House Communications Director. The Griffins move to Washington, D.C., where Meg has an "unpleasant encounter" with Trump. That sets up an "epic battle" between Peter and Trump.

"Although this episode was written almost a year ago, fortunately Trump has done nothing since then to embarrass himself or our nation," Sulkin and Appel told EW.

The new season will also include a tribute to Mayor Adam West, after the real Adam West died last year at 88. The Quahog high school will be renamed Adam West High. Later, Brian and Quagmire will run against each other to replace West.

Before West's death, the Batman actor recorded lines for several episodes, all of which aired as originally planned to honor him.

"We've been asked many times who will replace Adam West as mayor," Appel and Sulkin said. "And the answer is no one. In person and on our show, he was irreplaceable."

Family Guy's 17th season debuts on Fox on Sunday, Sept. 30.

Photo credit: Fox