Fanaddicts Announce New Dexter Podcast Series, Michael C. Hall to Guest (Exclusive)

Roddenberry Entertainment has announced that their Fanaddicts podcast is set to start an all-new series this week with Fanaddicts: The Dexter Episodes, and their first guest will be the man himself, series star Michael C. Hall. David Magidoff, who will appear in the upcoming Dexter: New Blood, will co-host the new podcast series with Clare Kramer with new episodes set to recap each episode of the Showtime revival series along with an interview of someone in the cast. Hall, who returns to the part eight years after the series concluded, can be heard in the clip above talking about his personal obsession....Chip Gaines of HGTV. New episodes of Fanaddicts: The Dexter Episodes will debut Mondays at 12:01 AM PT starting this week.

"Coming from the world of Star Trek," Executive Producer Trevor Roth said in a statement, "we have long understood what it means to be a true fan of something. There's nothing like it, and everyone can understand it. To bring that sentiment to the actors of another amazing franchise, of which we are fans, is extremely invigorating." Host Clare Kramer added, "Throughout most of my career, it's been my privilege to be part of many beloved projects, and to experience, first hand, the excitement of the fans. To hear that same passion from actors on a series of which I'm a huge fan... is so exciting, and honestly very special."

"I spent 6 months freezing in Massachusetts, getting to know these people as actors and as friends. Learning about this other side of them, and soaking in their love for... whatever, the same way I talk about comic books or Oasis, has brought my appreciation for each of them to a whole new level," says host David Magidoff.

Fanaddicts: The Dexter Episodes will be available on Apple Podcasts and everywhere podcasts are available.

Regarding his obsession with Chip Gaines, which you can hear above, Hall added: "He's a beloved personality on the American cultural landscape. I don't know. I was just I was just really taken with how goofy he was. I thought he was genuinely funny. I think Morgan would would catch me smiling, like she would she would see me from the other room and know I was watching TV and not knowing what it was. She'd look at my face and she'd she'd say, 'You're watching, you're watching Chip, aren't you?' Yeah. I mean, obviously, it's a show his wife is featured and their clients and everything, but she would just refer to the show as Chip or Chip Gaines. But I don't know. I just I just he made me feel good."

Dexter may not inspire the same feelings in audiences but fans are eager to see where he's headed in Dexter: New Blood, which premieres tomorrow, Sunday, November 7, on Showtime.