Fans Launch Petition to Save SYFY's Deadly Class

Deadly Class star Taylor Hickson took to Twitter yesterday to let fans clamoring for a second [...]

Deadly Class star Taylor Hickson took to Twitter yesterday to let fans clamoring for a second season know that someone had already launched a petition to "save" the SYFY series, and that fans should sign on to help SYFY decide in their favor. The series, based on the Image Comics title from Rick Remender (who also serves as an executive producer on the show) and Wes Craig, received favorable reviews and ended its first season on a cliffhanger -- but so far, SYFY has not weighed in one way or the other on the prospect of a second season. Fans and the cast have been vocal about supporting one.

"I just write it like f--k it. We're going to get a second season; it's one of the best shows on television," Remender told the week of the finale. "I couldn't believe in it more. It's too good. If the universe conspires against a second season, then f--k it. All right. So be it. But, all I know is that the show and the people involved in making it, and from the writing to the acting to the crew to the post production to the sound mix, everybody is so passionately invested in it has become such a family who believe and love this show that ... and when I see the finale product, I know it's A-level television, and I'm just very gratified. It's very good. So, I plotted the story in a way where it was like, well, if we don't get a second season, then, what am I going to have a nice resolution to season one because I'm betting on failure? I think that the down ending and the way that it all comes together is true to Deadly Class, it's true to the book. It's the Empire Strikes Back version of where we could end things, and for me, it's the most interesting way to end the season. The most true to the tone of the series."

Deadly Class follows a homeless teenager named Marcus (Bejamin Wadsworth) after he is recruited to a boarding school for budding assassins, is based on a comic book written by Rick Remender, who also produces the show. He has said that one of the benefits of TV is that he will get to explore some of the spaces in between stories in the comics, and to elaborate on things that he moved past fairly quickly the first time around.

Deadly Class stars Benjamin Wadsworth ("Teen Wolf"), Benedict Wong ("Doctor Strange," "Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams"), Lana Condor ("'To All The Boys I've Loved Before," "X-Men: Apocalypse"), María Gabriela de Faría ("Yo Soy Franky," "Sitiados"), Luke Tennie ("Shock and Awe"), Liam James ("Psych," "The Killing"), Taylor Hickson (Deadpool, Giant Little Ones) and Michel Duval ("Señora Acero," Queen of the South).