Final Space Creator Confirms First Two Seasons Are Coming to HBO Max Soon

Sooner or later, the first two seasons of Final Space are coming to HBO Max. In a Reddit post Friday afternoon, series creator Olan Rogers updated fans on the status of the show's third season, and that's when he revealed the show will finally have a permanent streaming home in the United States. Shortly after doubling down on the fact the first Season Three teaser is dropping on Christmas day, Rogers confirmed to fans of the show the series will be hitting HBO Max at some point in the near future, though an exact timetable was unavailable. The show has first aired on TBS and Adult Swim since its premiere, two channels owned and operated by WarnerMedia, though it's yet to find a streaming home in the United States after each batch of episodes is released.

"S1&S2 will be streamed at some point SOON on HBO Max here in the USA. We're a Warner Media-owned show, so naturally, that would be our USA streaming home," Rogers says. "Now, does that mean S3 will premiere on HBO Max? No. S3, as of now, is still premiering on adultswim."

He adds, "This does not affect the International Netflix distribution of S3, meaning S3 will be on Netflix International. And don't shoot the messenger, but I don't think this will premiere at the same time as the USA. Netflix likes to have all the episodes done. When it airs here in the USA, we'll still be working on finishing the last episodes. If I could do sometime about that, I would, but I don't have that power."

As the writer points out, the series hasn't been available en masse in the United States on a permanent basis. While some episodes have popped up on VRV, it has yet to touch a major streamer like HBO Max, Netflix, or Hulu — at least stateside.


In the same post, Rogers teased the content of the third season, saying "it's firing every cylinder" he and the writers have.

"I'm genuinely excited for everyone to see this season because I think it's unique. It's firing on every cylinder we have. Every dollar is on the screen, so much so that we had to rewrite aspects of the last three episodes so the show could be made," he concludes. "By episode 10, your face should be melted off by the sheer epicness that those last three episodes are going be like dessert after a five-course meal. Everyone that's worked on this has just knocked it out of the park. Is it perfect? No. Will you hate me for some decisions we made? Maybe. Do we take risks? YES. Do we know where this is all going? Yes. "